Vordt of The Boreal Valley Boss Guide | Dark Souls 3

Vordt of The Boreal Valley is the second boss in Dark Souls 3. He’s a knight-turned-beast you’ll encounter at the High Wall of Lothric.
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After you defeat him, he drops a unique soul. This guide will show you how to beat Vordt of The Boreal Valley and what you’ll get for it.

How to beat Vordt of The Boreal Valley

Name: Vordt of The Boreal Valley
Location: High Wall of Lothric
Rewards: Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt, 3000 souls

Vordt is a fallen knight. He walks on all fours and wields a mace in one hand. He has a couple of ice-based attacks – if you have any armor or items that would boost your frost resistance, make sure to bring them.

Like with all four-legged creatures, it’s best to try and stay close to his rear. Wait for him to swing his mace, then roll towards him. With a little luck, this will let you land near his hind legs. Place a couple of light attacks and he’ll jump away.

dks3 vordt ice boss fight
Once he’s down to half his health, he’ll get angry. He’s going to charge around the room 3 times. After the third charge, he’ll stop and start shooting ice mist from his mouth. Get behind him and do a heavy attack. This will interrupt him, making him go into charge mode again.

Make sure to stay away from the AoE attacks – they all cause frostbite. Keep to his rear whenever possible, since it’s his weak spot.

Vordt Move Set

Phase 1
  • Melee
    1. Left hand sweep – easy to dodge as it places the mace on the ground to its farthest left/right and the smash comes after it. A great opportunity to roll toward its hind legs.
    2. Left hand smash and sweep – these attacks start on his right side and go to left.
    3. Jump back and poke – sometimes happens if you are right in front of the boss. If not avoided, it comes with a slash attack.
    4. Right hand attack – rarely uses it, happens if you are dead in front of it.
  • Ranged
    1. Jump and slash – Slow attack.
Phase 2
  • Charge with heavy attacks – time your dodge right or be faced with great harm. It charges two or three times before a short cooldown.