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Scholar Ring Dark Souls 3

Scholar Ring

Scholar Ring is an attribute ring you can get in Dark Souls 3. It increases intelligence by five. Considering you can find this ring later…

Hunter's Ring Dark Souls 3

Hunter’s Ring

Hunter’s Ring is an attribute ring in Dark Souls 3. This is a dexterity ring, which means it increases the dexterity attribute by 5 points….

Sage Ring Dark Souls 3

Sage Ring

Sage Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. If you are a caster, you’ll like this item as it shortens your spell casting time….

dark souls 3 armor of favor

Armor of Favor

Armor of Favor is an outfit in Dark Souls 3. It’s a gold-colored medium set worn by knight Lautrec of Carim. You can get it…

Flynn's Ring Dark Souls 3

Flynn’s Ring

Flynn’s Ring is an attack buff ring in Dark Souls 3. You can find this ring fairly early on in the game, in the Undead…

Eleonora Dark Souls 3

Eleonora Axe

Eleonora is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. This is an axe with a unique weapon skill called Feast Bell, that restores HP with each…