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ringed city archers dark souls 3

How to get past Ringed City Archers

Ringed City archers are a group of enemies in Dark Souls 3 DLC. They’re orange ghosts, summoned by a giant Judicator, which will cause you…

illusionary wall

Easter Eggs in Ashes of Ariandel

Dark Souls is a franchise best known for its difficulty, but is also known for its secrets, optional areas and optional bosses. Dark Souls 3’s…

ashes of ariandel release times

Ashes of Ariandel DLC Release Time

The first DLC for the final part of the Dark Souls trilogy, Ashes of Ariandel, was available for download before scheduled release for Xbox One…

dark souls 3 ashes of ariandel location

Ashes of Ariandel Location

The location where Ashes of Ariandel takes place is still unknown. The first piece of DLC for Dark Souls 3 is coming out in the…

Scholar Ring Dark Souls 3

Scholar Ring

Scholar Ring is an attribute ring you can get in Dark Souls 3. It increases intelligence by five. Considering you can find this ring later…

Hunter's Ring Dark Souls 3

Hunter’s Ring

Hunter’s Ring is an attribute ring in Dark Souls 3. This is a dexterity ring, which means it increases the dexterity attribute by 5 points….

Lloyd's Sword Ring Dark Souls 3

Lloyd’s Sword Ring

Lloyd’s Sword Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. You can acquire this ring early in the game. It boosts your attack power when…

Sage Ring Dark Souls 3

Sage Ring

Sage Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. If you are a caster, you’ll like this item as it shortens your spell casting time….

dark souls 3 armor of favor

Armor of Favor

Armor of Favor is an outfit in Dark Souls 3. It’s a gold-colored medium set worn by knight Lautrec of Carim. You can get it…

Flynn's Ring Dark Souls 3

Flynn’s Ring

Flynn’s Ring is an attack buff ring in Dark Souls 3. You can find this ring fairly early on in the game, in the Undead…

Carthus Bloodring Dark Souls 3

Carthus Bloodring & Milkring

Carthus Bloodring and Milkring are both rolling enhancement rings in Dark Souls 3. They can be found in Catacombs of Carthus, fairly close to each…

Eleonora Dark Souls 3

Eleonora Axe

Eleonora is a weapon in Dark Souls 3. This is an axe with a unique weapon skill called Feast Bell, that restores HP with each…

dks3 mimic locations

Mimic Chest Locations

Mimics are unique monsters in Dark Souls 3. They look like regular chests, but when you try to open them, they’ll try to swallow you,…