Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide - How to Get Better Cells

Cell fusion in Dauntless is a system that lets you turn two lower level Cells into one higher level cells. To fuse cells in Dauntless, you have to go to a specific NPC vendor. And then, there’s the matter of figuring out how to use Cell fusion to get the desired results. Not only that, but fusion takes a ton of time. So, you might also be asking how to speed up the cell fusion process. So, with that in mind, welcome to our Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide – How to Get Better Cells guide, where we’ll aim to clear the situation up.

Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide - How to Get Better Cells
Dauntless Cell Fusion Guide – How to Get Better Cells

How to Make Stronger Cells in Dauntless – How to Use Cell Fusion?

To make stronger cells and use cell fusion in Dauntless, you have to talk to The Middleman. It’s the fella who looks like the Doomguy (or Doom Slayer, if you prefer), who the game will introduce you to fairly early. He can fuse cells for you. What this does is basically take two cells that you have and make one that is of a higher level of rarity.

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So, here’s the basic gist of how the thing works. Talk to the Middleman, and select the Fuse Cells option. Now, you’ll have two slots. Technically, the cell in the first slot is the one you upgrade, and the second one is spent to perform the upgrade. Combining two cells of the exact same rarity and perk nets you a higher rarity cell with the same perk. If you combine cells of different perks, but from the same group (Defense, Power, Mobility etc.) and rarity, you’ll get a random cell from that group, but of a higher rarity.

how to get better cells dauntless cell fusion
Cell fusion at The Middleman

If you combine two completely different cells (but of a same rarity, mind you), then your reward will be a random cell of, you’ve guessed it, a higher rarity. Lastly, if you have an Epic cell that you want to boost even further re-roll it, you “just” have to provide said cell and 2,000 Rams. The only problem with the whole thing is that it takes a stupid amount of time. Which brings us to our next point…

How to Speed Up Cell Fusion in Dauntless?

To speed up cell fusion in Dauntless, you’ll have to use Middleman Ace Chips, or Ace Chips, for short. You can earn these incrementally by leveling up your Hunt Pass, or by spending real money in the store. Yes, you technically buy them for Platinum, but let’s be honest, it’s real money. You can buy 50 Chips for 300 Platinum (around $5), 200 Chips for 1,100 Platinum (around $13), or 1,000 Chips for 5,100 Platinum (around $50).

Now, here’s the situation. Fusing two Green (Uncommon) Cells into a Blue (Rare) takes about 24 hours, and two Blue Cells into a Purple (Epic) takes 48 hours. And boosting or fusing an Epic Cell to a higher level takes a whopping 72 hours. The exchange rate is one Ace Chip to shave off one hour of waiting. The catch is that, to complete the exchange, you have to pay off the whole remaining wait time in one lump sum. So, it’s up to you whether you want to spend your money, or just wait the timer out.

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  1. S

    As a heads up, you cant get a single cell higher than +3. Putting a +3 Cell and the 2000 Rams into the fusion thing, just rerolls the cell.

    1. J

      Right you are. That is very much my bad. Fixed it.

  2. W
    Wizard Level 1

    Thanks for this guide. It confirmed what I thought was going on, which is quite helpful. The wait time for cell fusion is the single egregious thing this game does. It feels very much like it’s intended to be a gateway to micro-transactions, and it isn’t even trying to cover that fact up.

    1. J

      Glad we could be of help. And yeah, it is pretty egregious.

  3. J

    I’ve only been playing a couple weeks, but I can’t imagine there’s anyone on a leader board using a “fair” build.

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