dauntless leaves early access

Dauntless Has Left Early Access, Adding Fist Weapons & More

Dauntless, the monster hunting game that isn’t Monster Hunter, has finally left early access. Version 1.0 was released a few days ago, and it brought a bunch of new features to the game, along with a multitude of bug fixes. There’s a new trailer to commemorate the release of the new season, called Aether Unbound,…


dauntless neutral skullgem how to get

Neutral Skullgem – How to Get

Neutral skullgem is one of the crafting reagents in Dauntless. It can be used to upgrade weapons and armor, and it’s one of the rarest…

Dauntless ARCHIVE

dauntless elemental tailgem how to get

Elemental Tailgem – How to Get

Elemental tailgem is one of the many crafting resources in Dauntless. It’s a rare material, and you’ll need it for certain armor and weapon upgrades….

dauntless how to create guild

How to Create Guild & Invite Players

Guilds are player groups in Dauntless. They allow you to find like-minded people you can hunt with, instead of relying on random strangers and matchmaking….

dauntless how to customize character

Dauntless How to Change Gender & Appearance

Dauntless allows you to customize your character and change their gender even after you’ve created them. If you change your mind after the fact, all…

Dauntless Orbs - How to Get

Dauntless Orbs – How to Get

Orbs in Dauntless are items that you have to obtain in order to craft weapons and armor. There are several different elemental types of Orbs,…