Dead Rising 3 Combo Vehicles Blueprints Locations

Dead Rising 3 introduces vehicles not only as transportation but as an extension of combat and survival. You’ll be able to build and customize a huge variety of unique combo vehicles by holding RB while standing between two proper vehicles.
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But the most functional combo vehicles can be created only if particular Vehicle Blueprint is found. Don’t forget zombies can attack you while driving.

Vehicle blueprints are scattered across entire map, and most of them can be obtained as you progress through the game. In the list below we described all available combo vehicles and locations of vehicles blueprints.

dead rising 3 combo vehicle blueprints locations

 VehicleIngredientsAdditional functionLocation
1Turret Rig
  1. Sedan
  2. Steamroller
Aim TurretObtainable during the Chapter 1
  1. Motorcycle
  2. Steamroller
Throw FlaresReward for completing Chapter 1
  1. Backhoe Loader
  2. Ambulance
Aim and Shoot Turret Central City, in the Hospital at the emergency room entrance.
4Party Slapper
  1. Street Cleaner
  2. Party Van
Fire Confetti Bombs Sunset Hills, next to Gas station
5Mini Bike
  1. Motorcycle
  2. Sports Bike
Additional seat for passenger Sunset Hills, across from the toy store (North of motorbike store)
6Junk Car
  1. Sedan
  2. Muscle Car
Additional seat for passengerReward for completing Chapter 2
7Junk Truck
  1. Van
  2. Suv
Additional seat for passengerIngleton, in the Diamond Panty
8Junk Bike
  1. Motorcycle
  2. Sedan
Additional seat for passengerSunset Hills, outside Communication Tower, on the cable coils
  1. Forklift
  2. Fireworks Van
Rocket TurretReward for completing Chapter 4
10Mobile Locker
  1. Van
  2. Van
Additional seat for passengerAvailable at level 50 for purchase.
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