Dead Rising 3 Super Weapons Blueprints Locations

Dead Rising 3 introduces more than 100 different Combo Weapons, including 37 Super Weapons divided into several groups. They represent advanced weapons build by combining a larger number of items. In order to combine new Super Weapon, you have to find corresponding gold Blueprint, and the next weapon, from the same group, becomes available. All Super Combo Weapons are built by using the previous weapon’s version and new ingredients that can be found near blueprints.

In the list below we described all Super Combo Weapons and their Blueprints scattered through Los Perdidos, along with needed ingredients.

Note: Work in progress

Super Combo Weapons and Blueprints Locations

WeaponIngredientsBlueprint Locations
Big Bomb
  1. RPG
  2. Propane Tank
big bomb super combo weapon
Bigger Bomb
  1. Big Bomb
  2. Grenade
super weapon
Huge Bomb
  1. Bigger Bomb
  2. Gasoline Canister
big bomb
Enormous Bomb
  1. Huge Bomb
  2. Microwave
Reward for completing Chapter 7
Massive Bomb
  1. Enormous Bomb
  2. Laptop
Reward for completing Chapter 8
Electric Staff
  1. Battery
  2. Traffic light
Electrofire Staff
  1. Electric Staff
  2. Propane Tank
Electorice Staff
  1. Electric Staff
  2. Liquid Nitrogen
Elemental Stuff
  1. Electorice Staff
  2. Propane Tank
Elemental Stuff
  1. Electrofire Staff
  2. Liquid Nitrogen
Grim Reaper
  1. Scythe
  2. Katana
Fire Reaper
  1. Grim Reaper
  2. Gasoline Canister
Mecha Dragon
  1. Dragon Head
  2. Parasol
Mecha Dragon Blade
  1. Mecha Dragon
  2. Katana
Flame Mecha
  1. Mecha Dragon
  2. Firecrackers
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