Dead Rising 4 Preorder Content & New DLC Available for Purchase

If you’re a fan of Dead Rising 4, but didn’t preorder it, you’re in luck. Every item that was a preorder bonus will now be available for you to buy. Additionally, the new single-player DLC, titled “Frank Rising”, is also available. It’s a part of the season pass, but you can also purchase it separately.

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Dead Rising 4 Preorder Content & New DLC Available for Purchase
Dead Rising 4 Preorder Content & New DLC Available for Purchase

Dead Rising 4 had four different preorder bonuses across four retailers. The Windows Store version had the X-Fists, which is basically an exo-suit with huge Hulk-hands. If you preordered it from Amazon, you got the Slicecycle, a dirt bike with two chainsaws attached. The Steampunk Snowman Head, a helmet that shoots snowballs, was available via GameStop. Finally, the Candy Cane Crossbow was a weapon you got by preordering from Best Buy.

All of these items, including the Ugly Sweater DLC, are now available for everyone to buy. They cost $2 a piece, and you can get them on every platform that the game is on (Windows Store, Xbox Store, Steam). So, now’s your chance to collect them all.

And if you’ve preordered the game specifically so that you could get an exclusive item… good for you. Sarcasm aside, people that have preordered Dead Rising 4 aren’t too happy about their preorder exclusives not being exclusive anymore. This is probably only compounded by the fact that Dead Rising 4 is.. a bit of a mixed bag, to put it nicely.

Capcom also released a new single-player DLC, called Frank Rising. In it, during another breakout in Willamette, Frank becomes infected. Presumably, hijinks ensue. The DLC is part of the season pass, so if you have it, you’ll get Frank Rising for free. If not, it’ll cost you $9.99.

Have you been playing Dead Rising 4? What are your thoughts on the preorder DLC being available for everyone? Share in the comments!

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