Dead Space 3 Artifact Locations in Chapter 11

Chapter 11: “Signal Hunting” has 4 Artifacts for you to collect, of which, one is located inside a co-op mission. In this chapter you try to unlock the secrets of the NX-03 specimen, or “Nexus” to its friends.
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There’s a bunch of stuff to collect during your adventures in Chapter 11 (and especially during the optional mission), so enjoy yourself and use our screenshot guide bellow to help you find the artifacts.Artifact Locations in Dead Space 3 Chapter 11

Unitologist Artifact 02

You will be assigned with finding probe parts. You will go through the Plateau Access door and reach an elevator. Left of it is the artifact.

Unitologist Artifact 03

This Artefact can be found during the optional mission “Armory”. After the big fight (you’ll know which one) you will see that there are red flares on the ground pointing to the newly unlocked Armory door. Go there instead of following the main mission tracker. Inside the first room you will see a Suit kiosk and across it is a booth. Inside the booth is (you guessed it) artifact.

Unitologist Artifact 04

Once you collect the Armory Key you will backtrack and open the door to Back Tube 01 with the armory key. You will enter a tunnel filled with crates. At the end of the tunnel is the next artifact. NOTE: Thee is a door that takes you out of the tunnel and continues the mission. Go past it, because the artifact is down at the end of the tunnel.Last Artifact is located inside the Co-op mission “Archeology” so you will need a buddy to complete it with and pick up the collectible.
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