Dead Space 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

Dead Space 3 offers more than 200 collectibles that you can discover on your journey. The collectibles are divided in five different types: Artifacts, Blue Prints, Circuits, Logs and Weapon Parts.
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They are scattered through the games chapters, including the prologue. Although some of them are very rare and hard to find, there are many benefits for discovering collectables, like new suits, weapons, circuit sets, achievements and more.

Dead Space 3 Collectibles Locations Guide

Our Collectibles Locations Guide is organized on a chapter by chapter basis and offers you screenshots and detailed explanations regarding their locations, effects and functionality.
Additional information about all Collectables and rewards can be found below the table.

Prologue: Beginnings1 Artifact    
Chapter 1: Rude Awakening2 Artifacts  2 Logs 
Chapter 2: On Your Own1 Artifact  1 Log 
Chapter 3: CMS Roanoke1 Artifact 2 Circuits2 Logs2 Weapon Parts
Chapter 4: History’s Ember6 Artifacts1 Blue Print7 Circuits8 Logs12 Weapon Parts
Chapter 5: Expect Delays3 Artifacts 6 Circuits9 Logs6 Weapon Parts
Chapter 6: Repair to Ride1 Artifact 2 Circuits1 Log1 Weapon Part
Chapter 7: MayhemNONE
Chapter 8: Off the Grid1 Artifact1 Blue Print2 Circuits 4 Logs3 Weapon Parts
Chapter 9: Onward3 Artifacts3 Blue Prints5 Circuits11 Logs8 Weapon Parts
Chapter 10: Now We Know2 Artifacts 1 Circuit1 Log4 Weapon Parts
Chapter 11: Signal Hunting4 Artifacts2 Blueprints10 Circuits10 Logs9 Weapon Parts
Chapter 12: AutopsyNONE
Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky1 Artifact1 Blueprint1 Circuit 4 Weapon Parts
Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place7 Artifact3 Blueprints13 Circuits11 Logs14 Weapon Parts
Chapter 15: A Change of Fortune    2 Weapon Parts
Chapter 16: What Lies Below 1 Blueprint1 Circuit1 Log4 Weapon Parts
Chapter 17: A Strange City4 Artifacts 10 Circuits7 Logs2 Weapon Parts
Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed2 Artifacts 1 Circuit3 Logs2 Weapon Parts
Chapter 19: Endings1 Artifact    

Dead Space 3 Collectibles: Artifact

There are 40 artifacts available in the game, each belonging to a different Circuit Set.
  • Collecting 6 EarthGov Artifacts unlocks EarthGov Circuit Set.
  • Collecting 6 Unitology Artifacts unlocks Unitology Circuit Set
  • Collecting 18 S.C.A.F. Artifacts unlocks S.C.A.F. Circuit Set
  • Collecting 10 Alien Artifacts unlocks Alien Circuit Set
The players who unlock all Dead Space 3 Artifacts Circuit Sets will be rewarded with The Professor Achievement. There is also a secret achievement Aliens which can be gain by collecting all Alien Artifacts.

Dead Space 3 Collectibles: Blue Prints

The Blue Prints collectibles are the rarest collectibles in the game, but also the most important, since they unlock new weapons. There are 12 Blue Prints available in total, scattered through the game chapters. Upon collecting all available Blue Prints collectibles players will unlock the Builder’s Circuit Set.

Dead Space 3 Collectibles: Circuits

There are 61 Circuits Collectibles available in the game which can be classified as weapon upgrades. Upon collecting all Circuits Collectibles players will unlock the MK-II Overclocked Attachment Set.

Dead Space 3 Collectibles: Logs

Dead Space 3 includes Audio and Text logs, which main role is to add additional context to the game story. Upon collecting all the audio logs players will unlock the Comms Circuit Set, while collecting all the Tex logs unlocks the Research Circuit Set. After collecting all Audio and Text logs the players will unlock the MK – II Overclocked Module Set.

Dead Space 3 Collectibles: Weapon Part

Weapon Part Collectibles have important role in building new weapons or modifying current one. There are 73 Weapon Part Collectibles scattered through the game chapters. Once you collect all of them you will unlock Crafter’s Circuit Set and the Deep Dig Suit.



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