Dead Space 3 Chapter 1 Artifact Locations

Dead Space 3 Chapter 1: Rude Awakening finally puts us in control of Isaac. He is all alone and almost broken, but the universe needs him once again.
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While finding out what the the Unitologists have in store for us there are several artifacts to be found in this mission. You can also locate 2 Logs during this mission and here’s our Chapter 1 Logs Guide.Chapter 1: Rude Awakening

Dead Space 3 Artifact 01: EarthGov

Once you reach the highway you will be instructed to use your stasis on the traffic to get across. There is a stasis charging station there and behind it is a little room. Inside the room is where this artifact is located. Stop the traffic and go around the wreckage to get the artifact.

Dead Space 3 Artifact 02: Unitologist

There will be a cutscene with the Marker and there might be a big pile of bodies you will land on. Once you experience that you will fight some enemies and enter an elevator. As soon as you exit the elevator to your right will be a receptionist’s desk where you will find the Unitologist Artifact 01.
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