Dead Space 3 Chapter 18 Artifact Locations

In your efforts to make everything right you will find two Artifacts during Dead Space 3 Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed.Dead Space 3 Chapter 18 Artifacts

Alien Artifact 08

You’ll get to a circular are with a red marker in the middle.
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After you go through it you will get to the alien language encoded door. To the left of the door (when you are facing it) is the alien artifact.

Alien Artifact 07

You will get to an area you climb to with a cargo lift and where you have to turn these huge alien things to get them to align and to turn on the machine. As soon as you disembark from the cargo lift you will get to a T junction and going left will get you to an oversized tentacle blocking the way. Behind the tentacle is the artifact. Go the other way around to reach it.
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