Death Stranding Announcement Coming May 29th

It seems like we’re gonna be getting some new information about Death Stranding, according to the official Kojima Productions Twitter. It’s unclear what it might be; whether a launch date announcement, or some more game footage, or something else entirely. The thing I wanna know most right now is what the devil “create the rope” means.

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Death Stranding Announcement Coming May 29th
Death Stranding Announcement Coming May 29th

Both Hideo Kojima’s personal Twitter and the Kojima Productions one have given us some food for thought lately. First, Kojima himself tweeted a video so obtuse that one can hardly even count it as a teaser trailer. However, it did launch the cryptic “Create the rope” line. People have been wondering what that could mean, and I, for one, am not even gonna attempt to guess. Then, the Kojima Productions account chimed in, promising that something is coming on May 29th, and repeating the “Create the rope” phase.

Now, the phrasing in the second tweet has been interesting enough for some to pay attention to. Namely, it says that a countdown of Death Stranding has begun. Tantalizing, to be sure. However, I wouldn’t at all count on the game suddenly dropping this week. I say this, because the text of the announcement in Japanese states that it’s a countdown to a new information update. So, yeah, by the looks of it, what’s gonna happen is we’re gonna learn something more about Death Stranding this Thursday.

As of writing this article, Death Stranding has now set release date. Maybe that’s gonna be the huge announcement; we’ll just have to wait and see. As for the platforms that you’ll be able to play it on, PlayStation 4 is a given; no way is Sony gonna skip over such a huge market, even near the dawn of the PS5. However, given the timelines, I think PlayStation 5 is gonna be a safe bet, too. Other platforms are going to have to sit this one out.

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