Dauntless Currently Boasts Over Five Million Players

In just under a week since the full game launched, Dauntless has reached a truly impressive threshold. They’ve broken the five million player mark. True, it’s causing some congestion with the servers, causing some, shall we say, uncharitable wait times. But, games like this live and die by the player count, so this is amazing news for Dauntless.

Dauntless Currently Boasts Over Five Million Players
Dauntless Currently Boasts Over Five Million Players

Dauntless, the brain child of Phoenix Games and published by Epic Games, has certainly taken off since it launched earlier this week. This Monster Hunter for people that want to accomplish other things, too has amassed a truly stunning number of players in under a week (as of writing this article). Turns out, sometimes you have to simplify things. Anyway, the point here is that, according to the official Dauntless Twitter, Dauntless now has bragging rights to over five million slayers. Like it or not, it seems like Epic have another hit on their hands.

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Sure, people that played the beta and came back for the full launch account for a piece of the pie. However, no matter how you slice said pie, it’s undeniable that Dauntless has also attracted truckloads of brand new players, too. Now, I’m not really among them, because these games aren’t really in the same postcode as my cup of tea. However, it has made converts of several people from the office, so I’d say that the game is well-worth the attention it’s getting. So, yeah, I’d say definitely give this one a spin. It might just make you a believer, too.

Dauntless came out on May 21st, 2019, and you can play it on Xbox One, PS4, or PC. If you’re having trouble figuring stuff out, then head over to our list of Dauntless guides. Among other articles, we have How to Create Guild & Invite Players and Hammer Combos Arrow – How to Perform.

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