Death Stranding Extended Teaser Trailer Revealed

Hideo Kojima has revealed an extended teaser trailer for Death Stranding, his upcoming sci-fi horror game. The video is as weird and obtuse as you could possibly hope for it to be. There’s gigantic alien creatures, invisible monsters, babies in containers and in throats, and much more.

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Death Stranding Extended Teaser Trailer Revealed
Death Stranding Extended Teaser Trailer Revealed

News has been floating around that Hideo Kojima was going to have something to reveal on this year’s Game Awards. And, indeed, he did. During the awards, we got to see an extended teaser trailer for Kojima’s new project, Death Stranding. The video is just as confounding and beautifully weird like the previous teasers. It plays almost like a surreal sci-f short movie. The atmosphere is dreary and oppressive. Based on the video, there’s not much we can say about it for sure, but there’s definitely a strong horror feel to it.

The trailer does reveal a bit more than the previous ones. For example, we get to see the character of Norman Reedus in some kind of protective gear, with a strange robotic claw-flashlight on the back. We also witness some kind of monster that appears to be invisible, only leaving footprints in the mud. It seems that the creature reacts to the sound of breathing. There’s also an enormous alien that reverts gravity and devours one of the characters. Then, of course, there’s a baby in Reedus’s gullet. It gives the viewer a thumbs-up. You know what, there’s no doing it justice in words, just check it out below.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t mention anything about the the release date, or which platforms it’ll come out on. Although, since Sony is pretty much financing the project, one assumes that Death Stranding will be a PlayStation exclusive when it launches. When exactly that’s going to happen, though, remains to be seen. Hopefully, it’ll be sooner than later.

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