Death Stranding Gets Extended Trailer With Some Gameplay Footage

During Sony’s E3 2018 presentation, we got to see some more of Death Stranding, the new brain child of Hideo Kojima. The trailer even contained some sparse elements of gameplay, including traversing dangerous landscapes under extreme duress, as well as sneaking around shadowy monsters. It’s still as confusing as ever, though.

Death Stranding Gets Extended Trailer With Some Gameplay Footage
Death Stranding Gets Extended Trailer With Some Gameplay Footage

Kojima and Sony have given us another glimpse into the weird, depressive, and haunting world of Death Stranding during E3 2018. The game certainly looks gorgeous, and the atmosphere is on point. The trailer alone does a great job of conveying a desperate, desolate world in shambles. We also got a closer look at some of the threats that the characters will be facing on their journey. Now, I have to be honest, I’ve watched the new trailer for Death Stranding several times now, and I still have next to no clue what’s going on in the video. Still, let’s try and suss something out.

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So, first off, it seems that exploration and possibly scavenging through a destroyed world will be a very large part of the game. We see several shots of the protagonist carrying around insane amounts of cargo, even a dead body. Also, it would appear that stealth will also be important, as the character of Norman Reedus, Sam, uses the blinking robotic arm to presumably ward away the horrifying black shadows. Speaking of, we got a closer look at the threats in this game. There’s of course the weird, invisible creature that leaves hand prints and reacts to sound. Then, we have the black, shadowy silhouettes with umbilical cords. They eventually capture Sam, but not before he… activates his baby, you say. Which then… allows him to come back to life somehow, but avoid the… voidfall, I presume.

Now, the trailer introduces a bunch of weird concepts that only make sense in the universe. Like time fall, for example, which seems to be rain that rapidly fast-forwards time for anything it touches. But then, there’s words like voidfall, which I have no idea what it is. And apparently, there are large cryptobiots that give you immunity to the time fall if you eat them? I am so thoroughly confused. I hope that we’ll learn more as we approach the games launch, which is still TBA.

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