Death Stranding Bike - Generator Location For Motorbike Repair

You’ll need a generator to repair the first bike you find in Death Stranding. The motorcycle will look broken, but it’s actually just empty. If you look at the map icon, it’ll show that the battery is at 0%. Luckily, a generator can be crafted easily, allowing you to recharge it and start using it. If you’re wondering where to find the generator, this guide will show you Death Stranding Bike generator location and how to repair it.

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death stranding generator for motorbike repair location
Death Stranding Bike Generator Location

Where is generator to repair bike

You’ll find the bike in front of Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City in the Eastern Region, pretty early on. However, in order to get the generator, you’ll have to progress the story further. You’ll only get the blueprint for crafting it once you begin a mission called Order No.11 – Resins Delivery: Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City.

How to craft generator for motorbike

Once you have the blueprint, go to a terminal and fabricate a PCC. Equip it and head out to the bike. Once you’re next to it, press right on the D-pad and select the PCC. Press down on the D-pad and look for the generator in the new menu. Choose a spot to put it down – while the outline is red, you won’t be able to. When it turns blue, that means the spot is OK. Make sure it’s near the bike – the blue circle will show you the generator’s radius.

Now you just have to wait a few seconds for it to finish building, then another few for the trike to recharge. A progress bar will appear above it, showing how much batter has been filled, but you can also just look at the electric arc connecting the generator and the vehicle – once it disappears, that means the battery is full.

How to repair bike?

You can park the bike on the circular elevator that takes you down to a private room. If you park it there and rest, when you come back up it should be repaired.If you have a problem with constructing Bridge in Order #10 take a look at our guide Death Stranding Bridge Construction – How to Build a Bridge.
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