Death Stranding Entrust Lost Cargo or Not

Entrusting lost cargo in Death Stranding is a mechanic in the game that you can use in order to let somebody else deliver the lost cargo that you might have come across in the open world. The mechanic is pretty interesting, since entrusting cargo in Death Stranding promotes cooperation between players. However, the question is whether you should do it or not, or, indeed, how to do it. Since the whole thing can be a little confusing, our Death Stranding Entrust Lost Cargo or Not guide will explain whether you should entrust lost cargo or not in Death Stranding, how to entrust cargo, and what lost cargo actually is.

Death Stranding Entrust Lost Cargo or Not
Death Stranding Entrust Lost Cargo or Not

Should You Entrust Lost Cargo in Death Stranding or Not?

Whether or not you should entrust cargo in Death Stranding depends entirely on how important that delivery is to you. For one, you should never entrust cargo connected to the main story. That stuff is much to important to leave to others. Also, do not entrust Standard Delivery cargo meant for facilities that you care about raising your connection with. There’s no guarantee that entrusted cargo will make it home, so it’s best to avoid entrusting it.

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If, on the other hand, you don’t particularly care about that facility, then it’s fine to entrust the cargo to other people. Even if the cargo expires (we’ll cover that more in a bit), it won’t impact you that much, and you’re free to go your merry way. Plus, entrusted cargo that ends up delivered earns likes for everyone in the chain, which is nice. So, in short: do not entrust cargo that you deem important for whatever reason, even if it’s Standard Delivery.

How to Entrust Cargo in Death Stranding?

To entrust cargo in Death Stranding, you first have to pick up the cargo for any Standard Delivery, or find lost cargo in the open world. Then, go into the menu of a facility or postbox or some such place, and select Entrust Lost Cargo, or Entrust Cargo for Delivery. By default, the game will mark all lost cargo to entrust. If you wanna keep any cargo on you, make sure to manually select each item manually by pressing Square.

entrust lost cargo or not in death stranding how to entrust

Once the cargo is in the Shared Locker, it’s open for any other player that comes across it to pick it up. They can take it to its destination, or take it to another facility and entrust it again. Upon delivery, everyone in the chain gets a portion of likes. However, there is a catch: all entrusted cargo has a ticking timer, which the game never specifies. If the timer runs out, then the delivery will be canceled, and all the work will be for naught. It is unclear whether or not the timer resets when somebody re-entrusts the cargo.

When it comes to Lost Cargo, you can technically deliver it to any terminal, even where it doesn’t belong. The game will automatically deliver all lost cargo that’s supposed to be there.but you can also dump it all at any place. Don’t do that. At least entrust the stuff you don’t feel like carrying, or you’ll screw other players over.

What is Death Stranding Lost Cargo?

Lost Cargo in Death Stranding is cargo that other players have dropped, then wandered away. There are several ways in which one might drop cargo. Maybe you got in a fight with one of the marauders. Maybe you ran into a particularly feisty BT. Perhaps you took a tumble and stuff went flying all over the place. Whatever the case, you might have missed a piece of cargo while picking everything back up.

Once you wander about half a kilometer or so away from dropped cargo, it then becomes lost. After that, it’ll pop up for other players to pick up, either at the place you lost it, or at the nearest Shared Locker. Those that pick it up have the option to either deliver it for you, or entrust it to others. Or ignore it. Or deliver it at the wrong place to troll you. One can only hope that they don’t.

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