Death Stranding Get First Vehicle & Charge Battery

The first vehicle in Death Stranding is a reverse trike. You won’t be able to ride it as soon as you find it – its battery is empty, and you’ll need to recharge it. For this, you’ll need a generator. If you’re wondering how to get first vehicle in Death Stranding and how to charge its battery with a generator, keep reading.

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death stranding how to get first vehicle
Death Stranding Get First Vehicle & Charge Battery

Where to find first vehicle?

The first vehicle can be found in front of the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City, which is situated in the middle of the Eastern Region. The reverse trike sitting in front of the outpost is yours for the taking, but it has a depleted battery. You’ll need to recharge it before you can drive off into the sunset.

death stranding where do you get first vehicle

How to charge vehicle battery with generator?

In order to charge the battery on the vehicle, you’ll need a generator. You’ll unlock the blueprint that allows you to make them after starting a mission called Order No.11 – Resins Delivery: Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. Once you have the schematic, you’ll also need a PCC (that thing that lets you build structures).

Get a PCC and bring it next to the motorcycle. Select it from the crafting wheel by holding right on the D-pad and circling until you find it. Press down on the D-pad and another menu will open up – choose the generator there. Its outline will appear in the world, and you’ll need it to turn blue before you can put it down. Make sure the motorcycle is inside the blue circle, or else it won’t charge. Once you’ve put down the generator, wait for it to build, and an electric arc will form between it and the vehicle, slowly charging the battery. Once the battery is full, the arc will disappear.

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