Death Stranding Signs - Best Places to Create Signs

Signs are the only form of communication in Death Stranding. They’re a way to leave messages to other players – warnings, requests, congratulations and more. They’re unlocked automatically, and early on in the game. They factor into the like economy, so you’ll want to think carefully where you put them – a well placed sign could earn you hundreds, if not thousands, of likes. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Death Stranding signs.

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death stranding signs
Death Stranding Signs – Best Places to Create Signs

What do signs do?

Sings are symbolic messages. When you open up the Create Sign menu, you’ll see there are several categories, divided by their purpose. Risks warn of danger, like BTs, MULEs, sheer drops, etc. Route info provides hints about scaling the terrain more easily. Requests are meant to allow you to beg for resources or structures, and recommendations are basically the same thing only phrased more nicely. There’s also the “other” category, which is pretty useless.

Leaving a sing will allow you to convey a message to other players. If you offer good info, they will like your sign, rewarding your effort.

Where to place signs?

Since signs are ultimately just a way to get more likes (as is pretty much everything in the game), you’ll need to think about where you place them. Of course, you can just spam signs everywhere all the time, but that won’t get you those juicy likes. Instead, place them in places where they’ll be of actual use – telling people about a shortcut, a group of barely-visible enemies, or a structure you’ve build nearby that could save them time.

There will be joke messages as well, but since the signs themselves are pretty limited, don’t expect anything like a message telling you about the “amazing chest ahead” in front of a shirtless blacksmith banging his hammer.

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