Death Stranding Multiplayer - Lost Cargo, Signs, Likes, Structures

Multiplayer may or may not be possible in Death Stranding, depending on who you ask. There’s no way to interact with other players directly, nor meet them in the game. However, there are ways of interacting with others, influencing their world and helping them indirectly. They include giving and receiving likes, delivering lost cargo, leaving signs, building structures and more. If it seems convoluted, this guide will explain how multiplayer works in Death Stranding.

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death stranding multiplayer
Death Stranding Multiplayer – Lost Cargo, Signs, Likes, Structures

Building and upgrading structures

Every time you build a structure, it’ll have a chance of appearing in another player’s world. It works both ways, as well, so you may often find ladders or other useful structures that you didn’t build. Using them will send likes to the person who put them down, and save you the trouble of building them yourself. You can also upgrade another player’s structure, which is extremely helpful in cases like roads and bridges – those are really expensive and can be built much more quickly with the help of others.

Leaving signs

If you’ve played any From Software games, you’ll know how this one works – you can leave short messages to others in the world, and they can rate them if they find them useful. You can leave actually useful stuff, like warnings or pointers towards collectibles. You can also put down drivel that would make a motivational poster hang its head in shame, like “keep on keeping on”. You do you.

Giving and receiving likes

Likes are the game’s main currency, and earning them revolves around social interactions. Every time you use another’s structure you’ll award them a like, and you can award even more manually. Thoughtfully placing structures will ensure you maximize your likeability, letting you rank up your postman levels faster. It’s nice to have your every action overshadowed by the thought of how others will react to it. For a change.

Delivering lost cargo

Whenever a player loses cargo in the wild, it’ll appear in the world of someone else. Collecting lost cargo will earn you likes, and you can either choose to leave it at a shared locker (which makes it somebody else’s problem), or deliver it to the original recipient yourself, which will earn you more likes.

Forming strand contracts

Strand contracts are like a friends list. Forming one with someone will make their objects appear in your world more often. They’re a great way to keep track of helpful players, and make life easier for yourself.

Leaving and fulfilling supply requests

If you’re missing resources, you can use a terminal to send a supply request. If there are any charitable people around, they might choose to fulfill your request and send you the materials. If you’re feeling particularly altruistic, you can always check the delivery terminals for any outstanding requests.

Setting up and using rest spots

When you rest, other players will see a hologram in the spot you chose. If they rest near the hologram, their recovery rate will double. Keep your eyes peeled for these holograms, and you’ll save a lot of time.

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