Death Stranding Memory Chips Map Locations

Memory chips are collectibles in Death Stranding. They’re little USB dongles, scattered around the map. There are 56 of them in total, and each one you find will unlock some data from the world that was lost. They’re extremely easy to miss, since they’re really tiny and aren’t marked on the map. If you have troubled finding any of them, this guide will show you all 56 Death Stranding memory chip locations.

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death stranding memory chip locations map guide
Death Stranding Memory Chips Map Locations

Memory chip #2 – Frame Arms Girls: Byakko

This is the first chip we found. It was in the western part of Eastern Region, in the gorge leading up to the Wind Farm. It’s approximately halfway between the Wind Farm and the Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. It’s on a rock near the eastern edge of the forest – if you’re coming from the east, start looking for it as soon as you spot the two giant pillars on the left.

It unlocks a data entry about a specific toy – a plastic robot figurine in which a robot is represented as a human female. It also tries to defend the Japanese pop-cultural practice of turning everything into teenage girls by explaining how the practice of personification dates all the way back to ancient Greece, and even the name of the American continents can be seen as such. It’s basically the same thing – except for the massive knockers.

Memory chip #49 – God of War Original Video Game Soundtrack

This memory chip is hidden in front of the Wind Farm, the outpost in the far northwest of the Eastern Region. Once you get there, look to the left and you’ll see an orange cistern. Get up on the wall behind it, and look for a grate blocking off a drainage canal. The chip will be under it.

The description made us think it’s the soundtrack to the first GoW game, but the image clearly has Kratos and Boy enjoying a view, which means it could also be the latest one, or a fan project in which Kratos is actually a caring father and not a murderous psychopath. Either way, it doesn’t really matter, since you can’t actually play the music.