Death Stranding Scanner Nullification - Cancel Enemy Ping

Scanner nullification is a technique that can prevent enemies from noticing you in Death Stranding. It becomes available after you get a certain cargo scanner upgrade, and it effectively allows you to cancel or negate an enemy ping. It’s very useful, since any battle you can avoid increases the chances of delivering your cargo intact, but it is poorly explained. If you’re wondering how it works, this guide will show you how to cancel enemy ping in Death Stranding using the scanner nullification upgrade.

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death stranding scanner nullification cancel negate ping
Death Stranding Scanner Nullification – Cancel & Negate Ping

How to cancel enemy ping with scanner nullification?

You’ll get the scanner upgrade after you complete the order that adds Timefall Farm in the Central Region to the UCA. The briefing will tell you that you can now use the device to block enemy pulses, but it won’t give you much info aside from that. The only clue you’ll have is that “timing is everything”. Thanks Kojima.

To use the scanner nullification, you simply have to ping your scanner after an enemy pings theirs, but as the game says, timing is key. Shortly after you enter enemy territory, you’ll hear a roar and an orange pulse will wash over you. Prepare yourself when you hear the roar, and use your scanner immediately after the orange pulse passes you. This will make Sam ping the environment with his own scanner. If you do it right, a message will pop up in the log, telling you you’ve negated an enemy scanner ping.

The key is to use it before the second roar, which announces the second pulse. If you’re caught in the second pulse, there’s no hiding anymore – you’ll either have to fight or run for your life. Either way, your cargo will suffer, and no decent porter will allow that.

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