Death Stranding Storing Materials at Facilities & Recycling

Storing materials at facilities in Death Stranding allows you to keep them for later use. Since materials are heavy, having a stash in a safe place is extremely useful. You can leave them there, then access them when you want to build a structure. Before you can store them, you’ll have to recycle them, though. This goes for pretty much every kind of materials – crystals, resin, metals, you name it. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Death Stranding storing materials at facilities and recycling.

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death stranding storing materials at facilities and recycling
Death Stranding Storing Materials at Facilities & Recycling

How to recycle materials?

The option to recycle materials isn’t available from the start. You’ll have to complete the mission called Order No. 5 – Rare Metal Delivery: Distribution Center West of Capital Knot City. That’s the one where you first arrive at the aforementioned location. A pop-up will let you know you’ve unlocked this option, but won’t explain it in great detail.

After you’ve acquired some materials out in the field, go back to the nearest facility. Interact with the terminal, and there will be a new option, called “recycle”. When you select it, a limited inventory will open up – it’ll only show the raw materials you have on you. Select everything and let it do its thing. After it’s done, you’ll have the option to either leave the materials at the facility, or bring them with you.

How to store materials at facilities?

When you recycle a batch of materials, they will automatically be stored at the facility you used. The facility stashes are not global – this means that what you put down in one won’t be available in another, so think long and hard where you keep your materials. You can use the cuff links menu to check out the amount of materials and other things you have in private lockers across the map.

You can take them with you by using the Claim Materials option at the terminal, but keep in mind they’re heavy, and you’ll need to carry them along with the rest of your cargo. We recommend using a truck for such endeavors. When you want to store materials you have on you, that have already been recycled, you can do so by using the private locker.

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