Deathloop Cassette Puzzle - Afternoon Delight Fia Pictogram Locations

The Deathloop Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine cassette puzzle is a conundrum you have to solve in the Afternoon Delight mission by finding four Fia pictogram locations. It’s definitely one of the trickier puzzles to figure out, especially because the four pictograms are scattered all across Fia’s fortress, and are pretty tricky to find. Once you figure out where to find the pictograms, there’s still the matter of actually solving the puzzle at Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine. So, with all that in mind, here’s our Deathloop Cassette Puzzle – Afternoon Delight Fia Pictogram Locations guide, in which we’ll sow you how to solve the puzzle and where to find all four pictograms.

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deathloop cassette puzzle afternoon delight fia pictogram locations
Deathloop Cassette Puzzle – Afternoon Delight Fia Pictogram Locations

How to Solve Deathloop Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine Cassette Pictogram Puzzle in Afternoon Delight

To solve the Charlie’s Obnoxious Machine cassette puzzle in Deathloop Afternoon Delight, you have to find all four of Fia’s pictograms. More on that below. Once you have all four, head back to the machine and take a good, close look at the blueprint on the right of the console. There, you’ll see all four pictograms circled in orange, with little arrows pointing to specific cassettes. So, what you need to do is open your leads, find the first pictogram, and move the cursor over it to see which one it is. Then, press the corresponding cassette. Rinse and repeat the process for the other three. This will unlock the door behind Charlie’s machine, allowing you access to the rest of the level. Keep in mind that the solution of this puzzle is always somewhat randomized, so we can’t give you a more direct solution.

Where to Find Fia Pictogram Locations in Deathloop Afternoon Delight Cassette Puzzle

To find the locations of Fia’s pictograms and solve the Deathloop Afternoon Delight cassette puzzle, you’ll have to explore Fia’s fortress thoroughly at noon. They also don’t appear in the exact order, but that’s fine, as long as you find all four. Let’s dive in.

When you enter the fortress, head left and up to the walkway to eliminate a few Eternalists and disable the sensor. Then, go back to the door you went through and head right to where the two Eternalists are painting. Take them out, disable the sensor, and go through the door. Pick up all there is to find and charge the empty battery. Turn around to leave, and you’ll see the second pictogram on the wall left of the door.

After you exit the room we talked about above, head right. Place the battery into the slot outside the locked room that’s full of tires. Now you can open the door and head inside to inspect the art on the wall and thereby discover the third pictogram.

The third Fia pictogram location you need to solve the Deathloop cassette puzzle in Afternoon Delight, proceed through the level and disable the reactor (clear the Eternalists, head to the back of the reactor, hack the antenna, cut the wires in the correct order). Then, head to the right of the reactor and hop up the boxes. That’s where you’ll find the first pictogram.

From there, you can head up the stairs to the left of the first pictogram and defeat Fia. However, if you want to get the fourth pictogram, head back to the floor of the reactor. Head through the door directly opposite the reactor. Turn around, and you’ll find the pictogram on the wall left of the door.

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