Deathloop Glowing Items – Residuum

Anyone who has started Deathloop will have met glowing items known as residuum. They will also know that these items don’t let you interact with them at all. All of this is even though you know they must do something. It’s the gaming equivalent of gazing through the candy shop window. We quell your frustration with our guide to residuum, the mysterious Deathloop glowing items.

Deathloop Glowing Items – Residuum
Deathloop Glowing Items – Residuum

How to Collect Deathloop Glowing Items – Residuum

Residuum can be found all over Blackreef, though you won’t be able to collect it until later in the game. It is a glowing, multicolored aura around certain items. The first one you encounter in the game should look like a tin of paint.

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So what is the purpose of it? Once an item has been infused, it can be taken across loops. This means that when Cole wakes up, he will have his stash of weapons with him.

You can only start collecting these glowing items in Deathloop once you have completed a certain mission. This is the Ubiquity mission, where you need to take out a scientist named Wenji Evans. You will learn the secrets of the residuum harvester after you have killed his clones and found the research. Once done, you can return to any of the residuum you found before. By pressing and holding square it will add to your stockpile. This can then infuse items.

Killing Visionaries is another way to get hold of glowing residuum. Walk up to their dead bodies and hold the correct button to absorb what they have. You will then find out how much you have collected so far. The option to sacrifice certain items is also another way to harvest residuum.

The loadout menu should give you an option to infuse your gear with glowing items. From the list, choose from weapons, slabs, character trinkets, weapon trinkets, and slab upgrades. Hold X to infuse the gear. If you don’t have enough residuum, it’s back to searching for more.

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