Gas Chamber Locked Door - Deathloop How to Escape Man Behind Glass

In a boathouse gas chamber at Fristad Rock in Deathloop, you will encounter a Man Behind Glass and you will need to escape from there and the toxic gas by figuring out how to unlock the locked door puzzle preventing your exit. This man will have a very interesting conversation with Cole, during which he will drop a lot of cryptic hints. In any case, you need to get out of there. In this Deathloop Gas Puzzle Locked Door – How to Escape Man Behind Glass guide, we will show you the precise sequence of actions you need to perform in order to escape from here.

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Deathloop Gas Puzzle Locked Door - How to Escape Man Behind Glass

How to Unlock Gas Chamber Door – Deathloop Man Behind Glass

Once you enter this boathouse gas chamber, you will see a strange man behind some glass. When you get close enough, he will start talking to Colt and dropping some clues as to how he knows him. Move to the small staircase to the left of this glass pane. You will see an antenna overlooking a control box. Hack the antenna to open the box. Inside, there is a letter and a button. The letter, named Gas Drainage Protocols, provides clues as to what you need to do here. Next, go and look through the locked door. Inside, you will see a six numbers on a whiteboard. Like all the other puzzles in Deathloop, these numbers are different for each playthrough, so there’s no point in us telling you what they were when we played the game.

Take a note of these numbers somewhere (like in your phone), since you will need them, and go downstairs again. Below the stairs, you will see some planks. Smash through them to enter the small room with all the levers. In here, you need to to pull the two levers that correspond to the numbers on the whiteboard upstairs. Return to the control box and push the button. You will now be able to escape this boathouse gas chamber and the Man Behind Glass.

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