How to Save in Deathloop

A lot of players are going to be wondering how to save in Deathloop and what happens if you quit the game or die. That is completely understandable, considering that the game employs both a time loop mechanic and a rougelike mechanic that takes away a lot from you at the beginning of each loop. The system is a bit obtuse and complicated, admittedly. So, in our How to Save in Deathloop guide, we’ll aim to explain concisely how the system works and what happens when you die or quit the game.

how to save in deathloop
How to Save in Deathloop

How to Save in Deathloop

The short answer is that you can’t save in Deathloop manually, but the game does autosave. Now, when does the game autosave? Well, whenever you switch out your loadout on the screen that happens just before you enter the level, and when you actually enter the level (aka the brief cutscene when your character opens the door and enters the tunnel system. That’s your lot. That said, there is a checkpoint system that will return you to a specific location if you lose one of your lives, but if you lose all of them, you’re toast. Let’s go into a little more detail, shall we?

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What Happens When You Quit or Force Close Deathloop

If you quit Deathloop, or close the game completely, or the game crashes, you’ll go back to the last time the game autosaved. What does that mean in practice? It means that it won’t start you off at the very beginning of the loop; if you exited the game at noon, you’ll start at noon. However, you will lose all the items that you might have gathered in your last run (unless you’ve “saved” them, more on that later) and find yourself back in the tunnel system. Basically, you’re starting your last run over, like in a roguelike game. It’s not ideal, especially if the game crashes on you in the middle of a promising run, but that’s just how it is.

What Happens When You Die in Deathloop

When you die in Deathloop, meaning lose all your lives, you start all the way at the beginning of the time loop. This might be why some of you are wondering how to save in Deathloop, trying desperately to keep hold of the loot you’ve gathered. Well, this game doesn’t play that way. If you lose your three lives, you’re done. You start at the very beginning of the time loop, in the tunnels, and lose everything but the discoveries you’ve made and any items you might have “saved.”

Now, I’ve already mentioned saving items twice now, so it’s time to talk about that briefly. It is a slight spoiler, so leave now if you want to go in completely blind. After playing Deathloop for a brief while, you’ll unlock a mechanic where you can use Residuum to infuse items. Every piece of gear you infuse makes them return to your arsenal every morning. Keep in mind that Residuum does not carry over into future loops, so make sure to spend it.

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