Colt's Apartment Room Safe Code - Deathloop

One of the first things you will need to do in Deathloop is to head to Colt’s Apartment, which, among other things, has a room safe that you don’t know the code to. This apartment is located in the Updaam district, and you will head there in the first half hour or so of the game. Once you enter Colt’s apartment, you will find a lot of useful tools, including weapons, and information. However, you will also notice a safe. You’re probably wondering what’s inside and how to open it. In this Colt’s Apartment Safe Code guide, we will explain what you need to do in order to open this particular safe.

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Colt's Apartment Safe Code - Deathloop

How to Open The Safe in Colt’s Apartment Deathloop

Figuring out the various puzzles in Deathloop is an important part of the game. For example, the Updaam Cave Safe Code Puzzle gave us quite a bit of trouble before we finally figured it out. But, when we did manage to pull it off, we felt a lot of pride for accomplishing such a feat of detective work and deduction. The Safe in Colt’s Apartment, however, is different to this puzzle. You won’t be able to figure out this by yourself. So, how will you find the code for this safe? Is it even possible to open it in the first place?

To find out what the Colt’s Apartment safe code is, keep playing the game. One of the objectives later on in the main story will be all about this safe and opening it. So, if you were worried that you perhaps missed something related to this, don’t sweat it – just keep on following the main story and you will be able to open it at a later point in the game. You will find the exact combination on a Paint-Smudged Missive in the Aeon Security Office in Fristad Rock. You will be able to progress to this location once you finished your first loop and if you’ve completed the Main Story Mission in Fristad Rock.

We’ve put some screenshots which show where you can find this document and what it looks like. However, since all codes are randomized whenever you start the game, your code will look differently from ours. And when you finally open your safe, without spoiling too much, inside you will find a main story item, no weapons or other tools or resources.

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