Updaam Delivery Booth Keypad Code - Deathloop Gideon Fry

During your Deathloop playthrough, you no doubt have heard the voice of Gideon Fry, but did you know that he can deliver you items – as soon as you unlock his Delivery Booth in Updaam with the right keypad code. When you are at the Library, you will hear his voice all over the place and wonder where exactly it’s coming from. It will turn out that it is coming from his Delivery Booth nearby, overlooking the Library. Our Updaam Delivery Booth Keypad Code – Deathloop Gideon Fry guide will show you where you can find the keypad code for this Delivery Booth.

Updaam Delivery Booth Keypad Code - Deathloop Gideon Fry

Where to Find Updaam Delivery Booth Keypad Code in Deathloop

When you first approach the Updaam Delivery Booth in the plaza in front of the Library and interact with its keypad, you will get a task to uncover its keypad code. If you don’t know where to find the booth, take a look at our screenshot below, we’ve marked the Deathloop Delivery Booth location there. Now, first make your way to Fristad Rock. Next, enter Fractured Image at noon. We’ve marked the location of the Fracture Image as well. Once you are here, go to the stairs to the left of the main entrance of Fractured Image. Go up these stairs and follow the hallway. Go to the first door to your left and enter the room. In here, you will see a whiteboard.

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On the whiteboard, you will find a sequence of four numbers. This is the Deathloop Delivery Booth code that you are looking for. However, please note that, since these numbers are different for everyone and they randomize in each game, you can’t use the numbers on our screenshot, they won’t work. All that’s left now is to go back to the Updaam Delivery Booth and use your keypad code there. This unlocks all the Deathloop Delivery Booths in the game, and you can now use the Delivery Booth Terminal to have items such as Turrets and Batteries delivered to other locations. After making your order and where you want it delivered, leave the location, and go to the Delivery Booth where you specified you wanted the item delivered. You will now be able to retrieve what you ordered.

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