Demon's Souls Remaster Will Be a PS5 Launch Title

If you’re in the camp that isn’t all that happy with From Software just reiterating on the Demon’s Souls formula for 10+ years, you’re going to love this one. It’s Demon’s Souls! Again! But you should be thankful because they’re going to turn on the servers again (after they’ve switched them off in the first place) and give you some fancy graphics to please your ravenous retinas. And it’s going to cost so, so much. But hey, it’s pretty, and it’s a launch title for the Playstation 5.

demons souls remake announced
Demon’s Souls Remake Will Be a PS5 Launch Title

To top it off, the remaster is being remastered by the folks at Bluepoint Games, masters of sharpening everything until they’ve stomped the visual identity of the original to death (see: Shadow of The Colossus). To be fair, I have no frame of reference here, not having played Desmond’s Souls back in the day, so I may just be unnecessarily bitter about the whole thing. Scroll down and watch the trailer yourself, so you can judge it.

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It looks like Dark Souls 3, if I’m being honest. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends entirely on your point of view. I’m not entirely fond of remasters, but then again, I’m obviously not the target audience here. As far as I’m concerned, Demon’s Souls looked good enough on the PS3 – the only real downside to playing it there now is that there’s no multiplayer. I’m not sure whether that’s enough to justify a price point that’s twice (or more) than what remasters usually sell for.

There was a funny moment at the end of the original trailer where it suggested the remake would come to the PC and other consoles as well, but they’ve promptly taken that one down and put up the one saying it’s a PS5 exclusive.

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