1. J
    Jordi van der Torre

    On current PC version, you hit an invisible wall above 6. The jump is possible from 5, though. Don’t go through 6, because you won’t be able to see which way to jump. Jumping from 1 to 3 is also possible.

  2. R

    Is this even possible as a hunter? I’ve wasted about an hour of my time trying to get from 3 to 4 with triple jump but there is nothing to grab hold off, I just slide up the cliff and then fall to the ground.

  3. C

    For hunter main, get Stomp-EE5 exotic leg armor for make your life easier.

  4. S

    Can confirm, nearly impossible with a Hunter. Spent multiple hours just trying to get from 3 to 4, with varying setups, including maxed-out Agility and the High Jump, with a Sword, and jumping at the peak, from the highest point. It’s about a foot short of even being able to grab the ledge that isn’t sloped.

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