Dreaming City Region Chest Locations - Destiny 2 Forsaken

Dreaming city region chests are special loot containers in Destiny 2 Forsaken. There’s a handful of them, and you’ll recognize them by their golden finish. You can open each one only once per character, and they’re filled with quality loot. There’s twelve of them, and most of them are really well hidden. If you have trouble finding any of them, our Destiny 2 Dreaming City region chest locations guide will help you.

Divalian Mists region chests

1. The first chest in the area is in the northwest. From the landing zone, head towards the big gate in the cliff. Keep a close eye on the rocks on the left. When you see a fork in the road, find a cave entrance before it. Once inside, hug the left wall until you reach a ledge. The chest will be up on it.

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2. The second one is closer to the giant door. Head towards it, and look for a cave in the cliff before the small plain in front of the door. The cave is extremely small and simple, so just walk inside and you’ll run into the chest.

3. The third one requires some platforming. You’ll need to shimmy along a wide cliff with narrow ledges to get it. Climb the plateau in front of the giant door, then look for a ledge on the cliff to the right. Once you find it, climb up and follow it. You’ll have to perform a lot of relatively tricky jumps. At some point, the ledges will end – look up and you’ll see platforms you can use to continue. Follow them until you get to the platform with the big statue and the chest in front of it.

4. The last one is north of the big gate. If you pass the gate from the south, stop once you spot the blue passage on the left. You should see a tunnel and a gnarled tree on your right. Pass the tree and stand on the cliff overlooking the blue passage. Approach the edge and look down – you should see the chest on a ledge.

The Strand regional chest locations

5. When you enter the Strand, go down the hill a bit, then turn right. Follow the cliff until you’re below the tree, then turn around. You should see a cave in the cliff, with the chest visible from the outside.

6. Go to the northwest of the area and follow the road up the cliff. When you pass by some felled logs, climb the platform on your left, turn around and follow it. Once you’ve reached the end, turn around again. Look up, and you’ll see a ledge high up above the platform. You’ll need to use the rock outcrop on the right to get up there. Once you reach the top, you’ll see the chest below you.

7. The next one’s pretty easy. When you get number 6, jump off the cliff and head for the shore. Turn around once you’re there, and look for a cave entrance. It’s a small cave, and the chest is at the end of it.

8. The last chest in the area is near Petra Venj. Go to her garden, and climb the big rock next to the Greek-temple-like thing. You’ll find the chest on a small meadow on the rear side of the rock.

Rheasilvia region chest locations

9. As you enter the area from Divalian Mists, look to the right and you should see a tree growing from the cliff. Get up to the tree and turn around. You’ll see a small ledge in the cliff. Jump onto it, then use your jetpack to go up twice (your first stop is a small platform directly above the one you’re on, and the second is a tree stump above it and a bit to the left). Turn towards the first tree and look up – you’ll see some bushes and vines. Jump up towards them – there are ledges you can land on there, but they are hidden behind the vegetation. Jump once more in that direction, then leap towards the first tree. You’ll see a platform above it, with the golden chest.

10. After you’ve collected the last one, jump down to the bridge, then into the gorge it crosses. Once you’re down, turn around. You’ll see a big cave entrance directly under the bridge. Go inside and to the left, and you’ll find your chest.

11. Go to the bridge that croses the chasm in front of the palace, but don’t cross it. Go right and look at the stone pillar in the middle of the chasm. Somewhere near the bottom, there is a tree, and the chest is next to it.

12. If you want the last chest, you’ll have to go to the area in the east where a bunch of spires rise above the abyss. The chest is on one of the spires, the one nearest the island with the big statue.

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