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Tess Everis has returned to The Tower with some new items to sell in a new storefront for Eververse Trading Company. To acquire these items, you’ll need some “Silver” a new in-game currency.
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It will be available for purchase through the store associated with your console. Tess offers 18 brand new emotes that are completely optional.

Emote Price

Each emote costs 200 Silvers, except Slow Clap and Enthusiastic Dance which cost 500 Silvers each. You can choose between the following emotes:
  • Enthusiastic Dance: 500
  • Slow Clap: 500
  • Pumped Up: 200
  • Blow a Kiss: 200
  • Safe: 200
  • Swing: 200
  • Booyah: 200
  • Formal Bow: 200
  • Bring it On: 200
  • Victory Cheer: 200
  • Come at Me: 200
  • Congrats: 200
  • OH, Please: 200
  • Evil Scheme: 200
  • Cower: 200
  • Sorrow: 200
  • Tantrum: 200
  • Watch Your Back: 200

Emote vendor location

Tess, new Everstore vendor that sells emotes, can be found at the Tower plaza. As soon as you spawn on the Tower go just a bit straight and to the left. Tess is at the front of the building that also has the postmaster robot.

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