Destiny Crimson Days Event Not Happening This Year

If you were planning to spend Valentine’s Day playing Destiny with your partner, we’ve got some bad news. Crimson Days, the popular Valentine’s Day event, won’t be happening this year. In an update to the official blog, Bungie has stated that they’re focusing on other things, and won’t be bringing rose petals to the Tower because of that.

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destiny crimson days 2017
Crimson Days 2017 Not Happening

Here’s the official word, straight from David Dague, Bungie’s community manager:

First things first: Crimson Days will not be making a return this year. We enjoyed adding some gunfire to your date night, but we have other plans. Instead, we’re dedicating our efforts to delivering different things for you to play.

Sad news, but it’s for a good cause, hopefully. We presume people weren’t as thrilled about the event as they were about some of the other ones, or else Bungie would’ve kept it. He also took the chance to vaguely talk a bit about what it is they’re working on:

Last week at Bungie, we teased that you haven’t heard the last from the Live Team. Their next content update is taking shape. We’re super excited to tell you about it – but not so excited that we’ll jump the gun. There will come a time when we’ll take a seat on our streaming set to talk about how we’ll spend the springtime together. That moment will come closer to the thaw.

It’s rarely our policy to issue guarantees about things that are not yet certified for download. Given the work that is being done behind the scenes, however, we feel like we can start to call the shot.

So, something is coming to Destiny this spring. Dague didn’t really share any info on the upcoming update, but it’s nice to know they’re going do a livestream when they’re ready to reveal more.

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