For Honor War of the factions trailer

The new For Honor trailer, called War of the factions, has been posted to Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, with some interesting gameplay sequences and some details about faction wars. You can check the trailer below:

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The trailer is about choosing your favorite faction and fighting for it in a global and constant cross-platform event. There are three factions available. The first one are the bloodthirsty Vikings on the northern side of the map. Their faction capital city is called Valkenheim.The second one is the valorous Knights faction, situated on the western side with Ashfeld as their main City.Last but not least, it’s the elegant Samurai faction on the eastern side, and Myre is their capital.

As the narrator in the video says: This is not a world to be shared, it’s a world to be taken.

We don’t have many details how this system will actually work, but we can make assumptions based to the video. Most likely, all the scores you and your faction achieve will be calculated into a huge leader-board score across all platforms. After a certain amount of time, the winner will be determined by the overall score, and rewarded with different kinds of bonuses. Those bonuses can be some kind of combat boosts, currency to spend, or pieces of gear. Maybe after a week or more, the conquest map will be reset, as the best faction takes the victory. We can also expect some kind of mobile application that will track the current faction war status at any given time. Hopefully, both for IOS and Android, so that players can keep track at any time.

If you are interested in trying out the For Honor Closed Beta, you should apply on the official website. The For Honor beta will last from January 26th to 29th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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