Destiny Mission The Dark Within Guide

The third mission in Destiny is named The Dark Within and it brings you back to Old Russia, Earth.

The Steppes

From the starting point there is a lot of ground to cover until you reach your objective (use Ghost to see it) and again you will get the chance to explore the map with other players in search of loot chests, dead Ghosts or more XP.

The Mothyards

Destiny The Dark Within Objective 1
Your first objective is to reach this building
If you decide to follow waypoints, on your ways you will pass cliffside and go down to the left to reach Mothyards. Here you will also get the chance to roam around (plenty to do with lots of enemies, chests and even a public event) or continue on your way, but if you chose the former then head to the massive building with an antenna on the roof further ahead.
The Dark Within objective 2
After you dispose of the Captain and his cronies enter the building.
Eliminate enemies on your way, until you reach entrance where there will be heavier resistance in form of the Vandal Captain and his minions. He has shield that you should destroy with grenades so hopefully you saved some. Kill him first and then take care of the other enemies and head inside into another Darkness Zone private instance.

Gotra, Eir Spawn

Darkness zone event starts by a large number of enemies attacking you. Th3ese Thralls are not hard to kill, but come in large numbers. Use your shotgun and melee to dispose of them

When you have a chance head upstairs, kill more Acolytes and Thralls and head into the room – prepare for another boss fight! Here you will meet Wizard Gotra, Eir Spawn.

Gotra is a wizard mob. You will meet many more later on, but this first encounter with a wizard may confuse you. HE has two abilities. One is long range missiles you can avoid by keeping your distance from Gotra. Using cover while he shoots and peaking back out to shoot him once the missile salov ends is a good way to fight. HE laso casts these big black smoke spheres on the ground which slow you down and damage you while you stand in them. Make sure you are not caught in one of them if at all possible. Gotra has a shield you can destroy with a well placed grenade and his health is not that high, so it proves to be an easy fight once you avoid his missiles and black smoke.

If you are looking for Gold Loot Chests check out Wizard’s room and reach enclosed area with a floodlight. You can see a screenshot guide of the exact Gold Chest location here.
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