Destiny Old Russia Golden Chests Locations Guide

One of the many hidden collectible items that you will come across throughout the world of Destiny are Golden Chests. These chests usually contain better quality items and you can find them during story, explore and strike missions.
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While wandering throughout the Old Russia levels on Earth you can find five golden chests, and this guide will help you locate them all.

Old Russia Golden Chests Locations

  1. The first chest can be found during the second story mission Restoration. On your way to section 15, go up the stairs, through the room, as soon as you go through the yellow door, look to your left and you’ll see a Golden Chest on a desk.
  2. The second one can be found during the story mission The Dark Within, in the Lunar Complex where you fight the Wizard boss. After defeating the boss jump up through the ceiling onto a platform, run towards the back corner and the chest is waiting for you.
  3. The third one is on your way to Forgotten Shores, during the mission The Warmind. Before you get to the shipyard, look on your left and you’ll see a cave entrance high on the rocks, behind a small waterfall. As soon as you enter the cave, turn left and you’ll find gold chest.
  4. Continue further into Forgotten Shores until you reach the coast with the steep cliffs. You can walk along the coast through the water, where you’ll find the golden chest on a rock.
  5. The final chest can be found only during the strike mission The Devil’s Lair, in the last room where you fight Sepiks Prime. The chest is hidden directly below the platform, to the right.


Collecting all Golden Chests in Old Russia grants you a brand new S-20 Seeker Sparrow.
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