Destiny Dust Palace Strike Walkthrough

Dust Place is an exclusive Strike available only to PlayStation users until Fall 2015. Strikes are specialized long-form, loot-dropping missions in Destiny, where a Fireteam of 3 players has to walk through many objectives.
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Dust Palace is set on Mars and available at level 18. This deep engaging fight lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, with great loot if you survive. Your aim is to take down the Cabal in an ancient ruin on Mars.

Enemies and their abilities

The Cabal deploys several enemy units:
  • The Legionary units are standard enemies and you can handle them easily.
  • Centurions are field commanders who will try to pin you behind the cover. Try to flank them, use your melee attacks and re-position.
  • For heavy Phalanx units use a grenade to deal with their shields.
  • For Colossus units try getting close to negate their advantage in long ranged gun fights. Be careful when dealing with their explosive projection rifles.
  • Elite units called Psion Flayer are lightly armored but highly intelligent. They use cover and Psionic waves to blast you down. Each Flayer is vulnerable to a specific damage type. Just look at the color of their cloak for a hint.
  • The Vex, robotic time-traveling aliens also show up during this Strike.

What is your class role in Dust Palace?

  • Titans should protect their teammates from all heavy fires with Void shields.
  • Warlocks should use Nova Bomb to vaporized the resistance.
  • Hunters should use Arc Blades to cut through Cabal enemy lines.