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destiny festival of the lost

Destiny Festival of The Lost Guide

Festival of the Lost is a special Halloween event in Destiny. It causes social spaces to change, with new, thematic decorations all around. It adds…

destiny taken king guides and secrets

The Taken King Guides & Secrets

The Taken King is the latest expansion for Destiny. It brings a new story, new characters, an enormous armory, fresh collectibles to be found, chest…

destiny dust palace strike walkthrough

Dust Palace Strike Walkthrough

Dust Palace Strike is set on Mars and available at level 18 exclusively for PlayStation users. In this guide you can find out more about all enemies, their attacks, what your class should do during the fight and how to defeat them.

Redemption Codes and rewards

With Destiny Redemption Codes players will unlock 29 different Emblems, Shaders and Destiny Grimoire Card for their collection. You can pick up the emblems at the Special Orders Vendor in the Tower.

destiny emote

Character Emote List

Destiny players can perform 4 emotes Wave, Point, Sit, Dance only on the four d-pad buttons on the controller. All races have the same emotes, but the only significant difference can be spotted during dance performances.

destiny tips

Destiny tips and tricks guide

Destiny tips and tricks guide will help you find general and advanced answers about gearing, weapons, pvping, leveling up and much more.