Destiny Error codes and solutions

This list consists of descriptions and solutions for error codes you might encounter when login into Destiny. The list will be updated regularly as new information are added.
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Please retry that activity again and resume what you were doing before the error occurred. If you encounter this error again, please follow the suggestions outlined below in the section network troubleshooting, then relaunch Destiny. Finally, if your home or institutional network is behind a firewall, Destiny requires the following ports to be open:

Destiny Port RangeDirection
7500-17899 (TCP)Outbound
30000-40399 (TCP)Outbound
35000-35099 (UDP)Inbound and Outbound
3074 (UDP)Inbound and Outbound

PEAR Error Code

Restart your Xbox One and relaunch Destiny.

URCHIN Error Code

This error code is a result of particular ban or restriction placed on your account.

CAT Error Code

You haven’t installed the latest update available for Destiny.


Bungie is actively tracking this general networking errors.

The installed game is corrupted. You must delete the installed game and reinstall it

Just close the message and wait for download to complete.


If you are seeing this error, it indicates a problem with your networking setup. This can happen for a number of reasons, but often occurs after a WiFi blip, or when network settings have changed on your home network or game console.To resolve this issue you can try the following ideas:
  • Log off of Destiny and turn off your PlayStation or Xbox console. Restart your networking hardware (router, modem, etc.) by turning each item off, then waiting 30 seconds before turning them back on one by one, beginning with your modem.
  • Lower your firewall security
  • Turn off UPNP function of your router


If you are seeing this error message please delete, then reinstall Destiny on your console. Instructions for all supported platforms are linked below. If reinstallation does not improve your experience, it may be due to damaged or malfunctioning hardware. Check to see if other games work properly, or contact Microsoft/Sony Customer Support for further information.Microsoft Support: Sony Support:


This problem appears if you’re logged out from your account while playing the game. Just try again the same action that you wanted to do.


This problem is encountered when you try to play Destiny while not signed into the network.

BULL Error Code

Seeing this error indicates that a different account has been signed in mid-game. Please exit Destiny, and relaunch to continue.

CARIBOU Error Code

Parental controls are preventing you from playing Destiny.

Network Troubleshooting

The most common reasons for Destiny connection problems, in order of occurrence, are: wireless interference, network congestion from competing data streams, ISP unreliability, and hardware failures.
If you are experiencing a slow connection, or repeated disconnects from the Destiny game world, there are some methods to troubleshoot your connection. You can evaluate your connection quality by visiting from a PC which is connected to the same network and in the same manner (wired/wireless) as the console – a grade of B or higher indicates you are in good shape.

Some suggestions on improving connection speeds and reliability:
  • The best way to improve your connection quality is to switch from wireless to a wired connection, via an Ethernet cable, Powerline, or MoCA.
  • Fiber, DSL, and cable connections typically offer the best online gaming performance, whereas ISPs such as wireless, cellular, and satellite tend to be less reliable for gaming purposes
  • If you are unable to use a wired connection, here are some suggestions for improving wireless connection quality:
    • Try selecting another channel on your wireless router. Your router may share channels with other networks in your area, and choosing a less-used one may improve your connection.
    • Try using 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz or vice versa
    • Move your console closer to your router, or into a position which is not blocked by walls or other obstacles
    • Reposition your router’s antennae
  • Disconnect additional devices from the network, such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • Avoid things like Netflix or other streaming services, Torrent clients, and other such bandwidth-heavy services
  • Contact your ISP and verify you have the most up-to-date hardware and firmware. Older network equipment such as cables, switches, routers, or modems may be contributing to your connection issues.
  • Contact your ISP for assistance; consider asking about different service levels, recommended setups, etc.
  • Change your NAT type – for more information, check out
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  1. L
    Leighton Greaves

    Keep getting baboon every 2-5 mins. absolutely rediculous how bungie are suggesting to have a wired connection. its not like this is the first and only game i have ever played online. i play online 5-6 days a week and have never had disconnecting problems. it is the game not my internet. not gonna sit and wait around for teething errors to be fixed. if this isnt sorted soon bungie can have this game back..

    1. F

      Just to add an reply quoting this post:

      Thank you for your effort.

      I have also done most of the test the thread owner did and it seemed it’s a server / application side of bungie.

      There’s not even a friggin line you let them know the frustration. At least Blizzard open acknowledge and has ways for people to contact them and keep the status update in their forum.

      Stop trying to make things always online when you can’t handle all players online. Such a crappy company that ruined a potentially good game. And since I can’t really say it, just imaging all the profanity I am using if I can actual contact Bungie.

  2. E

    I don’t know what the deal is my game will keep disconnecting me while I am in the middle of a mission then say it’s a connection issue. I know that this is false because I checked my connection and it is fine . It seems to be an error with the game. Although I don’t know what to do about it. If biggie can’t fix this issue I will be returning the game. Why buy a game if you can play the damn thing

  3. D

    Same Baboon error every 2-5 mins and booting me from the game. Apparently its not only me, I guess Bungie should’ve held back the release a few weeks until they get all the bugs out of it. Disappointed.

  4. P

    I am getting error code nightingale over and ove. I have re installed, and tested out another game to make sure my hardware was fine and not broken like the fix suggests and I still have nightingale error, someone please help!.!

  5. N

    I keep getting Boar , nightingale, and buffalo non stop. I even changed PSn networks so i have no clue whats wrong. Give me a break here

  6. J

    Already done what Bungie has suggested. Iam sure most having this problem have done as well. This is a server problem. I can not understand why Bungie is having such a hard time fixing the error problems? If they can not fix at least offer a refund or trade in for a future Bungie title

  7. B
    Brandy Phillips

    we have downloaded the game from the disk we purchased and an external hard drive and after the download is complete and we try to play game it says we require an external hard drive which we just purchased and downloaded to, please help. This has been an all week end headache.

  8. D

    This game or rather the bungie servers are a fucking joke !!!!! spent £42 on this on the day after release and i managed to play it for about 15 mins in total due to this fucking “BABOON” error code .
    This fucking error pops ups every 5 mins or so, ( and it`s a bungie server error and don`t let them tell you otherwise) you end up reselecting your destination getting to the same point again and bammm fucking BABOON error code reappears.

    This is an absolute disgrace for a prime title, and a lesson for any other developers who are dumb enough to make the story mode unavailable offline PATHETIC i t purchasing this game will give you nothing but trouble and if it`s not via the BABOON error code it`ll be some other fucking error code (there`s loads of them) and they`ll all kick you out of the game.

  9. M

    Same deal here with “baboon” always at the end of the strike. Weak sauce bungie.

  10. R

    my connection is only lost when some one is on my computer at the same time, i have tried plugging in and wifi it doesnt make any difference. when the computer is turned off i could play that game all day without any interruption. please help lol

  11. I
    Iron dog

    I have been waiting months for this release , I finally get it and the first day it works great played it all day. The second however can’t play at all keep getting baboon error code
    Getting really fuckin pissed!!! Fix these damn issues please!!!!!!

  12. J

    THIS FUCKING GAME SUCKS AND NEVER WORKS! Reimburse people their money you greedy bastards.

  13. B

    Same here keeps bombing, useless worse game every for tech shot, its crape, if my dog was this bad I would put it out of its misery

  14. S
    sub zero

    Oh yeah, im sure bungie is definitely working on disconnecting errors especially since all the updates and maintenance destiny has had. Destiny was most definitely not close to being ready for release when it was released and still sucks as a game. Made bungie look bad releasing this game.

  15. P
    pissed at bungie

    This is ridiculous. If you are going to make a server based game, you had better be damn sure that server is a tank. Great way to waste an afternoon. Will likely be returning this game

  16. S

    WTF? Baboon baboon baboon baboon this shit is sad and pathetic that I can’t go 5 minutes without getting error code baboon it has degraded the level of gameplay to the point where I just wanna break it in half I really enjoy the game a lot when I’m actually able to play it. This is October 2015 I’m still getting this problem over a year from the game’s release. Why am I not seeing any replies from Bungie themselves they keep wanting to pawn the problem off on my connection when I know it’s perfect 30 megabytes per second all the NAT issues set the way they asked and it still doesn’t work properly why is Bungie not replying at all WTF?????????

  17. S

    BUNGIE STILL NO SOLUTION .. Am fed up to wait again and again to see BABOON error on, i bought the game to play it not to watch a black screen.. it can’t be my connection as i just change my adsl to 20 megabytes because of this game and still same problem.. WTF………..

  18. F

    I don’t know what the deal is with bungie but I think they need better servers seeing as everytime I get on I get kicked due to some stupid error codes on their part fix these problems…….

  19. A

    I’ve read on quite few sites and this page that the NIGHTINGALE bug is something to with cache files/re installing the game but that’s rubbish. It’s to do with your internet connection. When I switch my PS4 to my mobile hotspot the game works everytime guaranteed! To bad i can’t play off my mobile connection!

    Would like to see some info around why and how to fix nightingale correctly, it’s nothing to do with installing the game again

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