Destiny Golden Chests Locations Guide

There are many chests to be found in Destiny that contain loot (items, upgrades or Glimmer). Chests are usually hidden or found off the beaten path.
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Among these chests are special, Golden Loot Chests. They are especially important because they have better quality loot, but they are also better hidden or in hard to reach parts of the map (like cliff edges, caves, or next to a final boss).

Each planet/zone contains five hidden Gold Chests for you to find. Once you collect all chests on the map you’ll earn yourself an additional, bigger, prize. Bellow is a list of all Golden Chest locations with a link to a detailed Screenshot Guide for each zone. You can also take a look at our Dead Ghost Screenshot guide, because you can find some of these collectibles in a close vicinity of Golden chests.

Old Russia Golden Chests

Planet: Earth
Bonus reward: S-20 Seeker Sparrow (class Titan)
S 20 Seeker

No.Sub areaShort description
1.Passage between The Steppes and Dock 13There’s a building in the Steppes that leads to Dock 13. Once you enter it go into the next room and you’ll see the gold chest right there on the desk.
2.Forgotten ShoreBelow the Terrestrial Complex at the base of the cliff you will see the collectible lay next to the water. Walk through lighter colored water and pick up the chest.
3.Passage between Forgotten Shore and MothyardsFollow the path that leads from Forgotten Shore to Mothyards. After it curves left, then right turn to the right and you’ll see some water fallin in front of a cave entrance. Loot is inside the cave.
4.Lunar ComplexDuring the story mission The Dark Within you will take down the Hive Wizard. In the same room where that happens you need to jump onto some crates to the left and search behind them to find the chest.
5.Devils’ LairYou have to go through Devils’ Lair Strike to get this chest. When you fight Sepiks Prime or after killing it go to the right platform and you will find the chest underneath it


Collecting all Golden Chests in Old Russia grants you a brand new S-20 Seeker Sparrow.

Moon Golden Chests

Location: Moon
Bonus reward: Arihant Type 1 Chest piece (Titan class)

No.Sub areaShort description
1.Temple of CrotaWhen you enter the temple jump down to the lowest floor and you’ll find an exit to the right. Follow that path into the Hive temple. You’ll cross a bridge into the ship. Continue out the right side stopping at the end of the ramp. There is a small platform with the chest on it that you can see if you look down to the right.
2.Passage from Archer’s Line to HellmouthWhile you go to Hellmouth look for a rock formation to your left, just before you reach a short bridge. Chest is behind those rocks.
3.Road from Archer’s Line to Hall of WisdomAs you enter Archer’s Line climb the hill across your starting position. Go through the dome and follow the road towards the Hive fortress. Go down a spiral ramp to the bottom of the cave. The entrance to Hall of Wisdom should be there and right of it is the chest.
4.The World’s GraveInside the last room of The World’s Grave near the rock wall when you jump into the water.
5.The Summoning PitsThe Summoning Pit is the Strike mission on moon, so you have to do this with a group to pick up the gold chest. Move over to the lower platform at the far end of the arena and search between the two staircases.

Venus Golden Chests

Planet: Venus
Bonus reward: Arihant Type 1 Head piece (Titan class)

No.Sub areaShort description
1.Passage between Shattered Coast and Ishtar AcademyThere’s a hole in Shattered Coast that you can jump into and enter the tunnel that leads toward Ishtar Academy. Before you turn a corner in the tunnel turn around to look back and pick up the Gold Chest located next to a pillar
2.N/Gen BranchWhen you reach N/Gen Branch from Ishtar Commons go right. Enter a small building and search the central cubicles for the Chest.
3.Campus 9Upon entering Campus 9 run over to the building further away from you (the one next to the waterfall). Gold Chest is on the other side next to a structure.
4.Winter’s LairFollow the path around the outside of the cavern in Winter’s Lair and you will get to the upper overlook. Step out onto the horizontal pole and jump over to the the right ledge to collect your reward.
5.The CindersFight your way onto the ketch. Turn right and move to the very back. There is a ledge bellow you can drop down onto and you’ll find the collectible there.

Mars Golden Chests

Planet: Mars
Bonus reward: Red River MK. 40 Machine Gun (Titan class)

No.Sub areaShort description
1.The BarrensOnce the Barrens loads go to the Cabal outpost near the exit to Scablands. There’s a stack of crates there and the chest is on top of them.
2.Tunnel between Barrens and the HollowsJust before you exit the tunnel look for a small opening above you. Hop into it and you’ll find the chest to the right.
3.Dust PalaceLook for the door labeled with the number 3 inside the Dust Palace. Collectible is behind the reception desk.
4.Iron LineNear the gigantic gate that leads to Legion’s Keep run alongside the left walkway. There are some pipes in the corner you need to jump up onto. Turn around and leap up to the walkway to the left and follow it all the way to the other side. You’ll find your reward in the corner there.
5.Tharsis JunctionInside the subway there is a Vex gate behind the train cars. Go inside a small room behind it and move through some fence in the corner. Just keep going down that path to find your loot.



  1. C

    got all the chest on earth and got the upgraded vehicle

  2. N

    The vehicle you gain for acquiring all golden chests on Earth seems to vary depending on your class. My Warlock received the S-20 Seeker listed above, but my Titan received the S-22 Cavalier. (Hunters would presumably receive one of the Nomad-class Sparrows.)

  3. P

    Earth seems to be the only place with a set reward for Chest No 5. I got blue gear on the Moon and Venus but nothing I would consider special, especially since i was 8 levels higher than the gear i received on each planet.

  4. R

    Im getting them for the achievement. Hopefully theres an achievement right??

    1. S


    2. J

      Its for the moments of triumph thingy found on the destiny companion app, basically doing every ‘major’ thing in year one

      1. F

        for the moment of triumph i cant do them all cause im waiting for the taken king to come out and get the game on next gen

        1. M

          Jokes on you, “Moments of Triumph” has to be done prior to TTK release. It’s year 1 accomplishments.

  5. D

    There is now! LOL!

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