Destiny Exotic Weapon Bounty

Exotic Weapon Bounties

I was grinding Vanguard reputation last night by finishing bounties and as I returned my last bounty (which was incidentally Target: Askor, Archon Priest, which tasks you with completing a Strike on Venus) I was suddenly presented with something extraordinary. I received a Vanguard Mentor Missive, which offered me a choice between three Exotic Weapon Bounties.
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I had no idea what this was for or what triggered it, but I went hunting for information on the internet and what follows is a collection of information for anyone else that gets offered these special bounties.

Exotic Weapon Bounties seem to be randomly offered to Guardians. Each of them requires you to complete a set of tasks and be rewarded with an Exotic Primary Weapon. These are very hard to come by so getting this bounty is probably as rare as getting an exotic drop in regular game activities. There are several bounties that people have been offered, but you will get offered three out of a finite list. I’ll list bellow all of the possible bounties and their rewards, along with extra information based on this guide on reddit and several threads on gamefaqs (like this one).

A light in the dark

Reward: Thorn – Exotic Handgun with 260 damage
Thoren Exotic Handgun


  1. Complete The Summoning Pits Strike on the Moon.
  2. Harvest the Energies of Hive on the Moon the activate the Weapon.
  3. Kill 500 Hive enemies on the Moon.
  4. Get 500 crucible points (not kills) with Void Damage. One kill gives you 5 points, while 1 death gives you -2 points. What you need to do is have a positive K:D ratio and you should be fine.
  5. Kill Xyor, the Unwed in the level 26 version of The Summoning Pits. You have to wait for this boss to show up while not killing Phogoth. Just kill waves of adds until Xyor shows up. Phogoth must be unchained.

Toland’s Legacy

Reward: Bad Juju – Pulse Rifle with 300 kinetic damage


  1. Complete a weekly heroic or nightmare strike.
  2. Complete 25 strikes (any strikes will suffice).
  3. Find special vendor Xûr and buy Darkness-infused weapon frame (check out our guide about Xur’s location).
  4. Obtain 10.000 points in the Crucible.

A Dubious Task

Reward: Invective – Shotgun with 260/300 Solar damage


  1. Complete 5 strikes without dying (you can do the earth strike on lvl 8 for this).
  2. Earn a Kills/Death spread of 25 in the Crucible (this means you need to get 25 more kills than deaths)
  3. Complete a weekly heroic strike
  4. Purchase an Invective component from the Gunsmith for 50 special weapon ammo packs

Shattered Memory Fragment

Reward: Pocket Infinity – Fusion Rifle with 396 Solar damage


  1. Obtain a Damaged Ghost from Venus’ Shattered Coast (You can find this ghost in a room near a statue on the coast of Venus. Go right of where you land on Venus. Go past the entrance to the Archive and you should see a statuje to your right. Go into the building left of the statue and you should find the dead ghost on the ground).
  2. Kill a Vex Gate Lord with the Heroic modifier active (“Eye of a Gate Lord” story mission on Venus).
  3. Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles.
  4. Kill enemies in a Weekly Nightfall Strike with a Fusion Rifle until the Fusion Rifle stabilizes.

A Voice in the Wilderness

Reward: Super Good Advice – machine gun


  1. Find a A Mournful Gun by opening loot chests on Mars.
  2. Buy an ammunition module from Xûr for one strange coin. (This is a Strange Coins vendor and his location is here.)
  3. Kill 500 enemies with a machine gun

An Unknown Patron

Reward: Fate of All Fools – scout rifle


  1. Win 5 crucible matches to obtain An Invitation.
  2. Bring the invitation to the bounty tracker to obtain The First Test.
  3. Perform feats of skill in the crucible to obtain The First Test – Completed.
  4. Return to the bounty tracker to obtain The Second Test.
  5. Trade Mote of Lights for Osiris Coins. Use the coins to compete in the Trials of Osiris. If you loose 3 times you will need to use another coin. Earn 10 wins on a single coin, or 25 wins total in the Trials of Osiris to obtain The Second Test – Completed.
  6. Return to the bounty tracker to obtain The Third Test.
  7. Perform kills, headshots, and killing sprees with any scout rifle in the crucible to obtain The Third Test – Completed.
  8. Return to the bounty tracker to finally obtain Fate of All Fools.



  1. I

    So basically it’s a ploy to get you to buy xbox gold.

  2. K

    On Toland’s Legacy, the bounty itself calls for the completion of a weekly Heroic or Nightfall strike but I’ve completed it 3 times by doing a level 24 Vanguard Tiger Strike, the k:d ratio for the crucible part doesn’t need to be 1 or higher. Also Bad Juju doesn’t have void damage and it’s max damage is 300.

    1. J

      you cant do vanguard tiger strike you have to do the weekly strike on the side

      1. B
        Big T

        Actually you can just competed it with one.

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