Strange Coins Vendor Location and Items September 19th

IMPORTANT – Vendor Xur Location and Stock Items available from 26th – 28th September, 2014

This week Strange Coins Vendor Xur, the Agent of the Nine, is located in Tower Hangar in the back of the club beneath the Shipwright and Future War Cult vendors. New items available in the stock can be found here Vendor Xur Location and Items September 26th »
xur location 19 september

Black Market vendor Xur, the Agent of the Nine, appeared again today, but on a new location.
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He’s still in the Tower – Tower North – but instead of heading left into the speaker’s chamber look right, he’s in that area. This vendor appears only during the weekends from Friday 9AM, until Sunday 9AM.

This time he offers new exotic and legendary items:Material Exchange option is available only to some players, but we still don’t know how to activate it.
In the Material exchange option you can get 3 Strange Coins if you exchange it for 2500 glimmer, 77 spinmetals and 77 spirit blooms. You can complete this exchange only once.



  1. K
    Kyle Moreno

    Is there a reason i can’t do the material exchange? it doesn’t even pop up on my screen

  2. T

    Apparently they removed the material exchange because of “Exploits”

  3. D
    Dakota Huybers

    So what are some ways to get strange coins that are not completely random now?

    1. O

      Go to the ‘Treasure Cave’ – Patrol on earth – YouTube Destiny Treasure Cave for a route. Should only take a couple of hours of grinding for engrams to find the coins you need. It does get broken up by the occasional epic battle every 15 mins or so…..

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