Hard Mode Crota’s End release

Have you played several times through Crota’s End and found it too easy? Don’t worry, because the raid will now be available in Hard mode as well.
Bungie is planning to manually enable hard mode of the raid on January 21st, some time during the day. As usual, you’ll access the raid via the Director – select the activity and then choose the harder difficulty. If you’ve already played Vault of Glass Hard mode, then you pretty much know what to expect – tougher foes and better loot.

Speaking of loot, there are some pretty sweet rewards to be won in Hard mode, starting from Glowhoo color palette for your equipment, new ship called Bane of The Dark Gods and, of course, weaponry:
  • Abyss defiant
  • Fang of Ir Yut
  • Oversoul edict
  • Word of Crota

Each of the weapons can reach maximum attack of 331. Also, only in Hard mode you can obtain “Crux of Crota”, an item needed to upgrade Eidolon Ally to its final form – Necrochasm. Through gear that will only drop in hard mode you’ll be able to hit light level 33 as well. This makes hard mode Crota’s End a must play for all of you striving to achieve maximum in Destiny.

Source: official Bungie website

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