All Suger's Legacy missions and riddles solved

With Dead Kings DLC we got a lot of new content for Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Beside several main story mission and collectibles we also got 7 new enigma puzzles to solve and they are called Suger’s Legacies.
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You first get introduced to these missions as part of the main story where a we are told about the Basilica of Saint Denis (Memory 13, Sequence 3). Two Suger’s Legacies you get to do as part of the main story mission have riddle solutions marked on the map, while five other missions are then found scattered around the map and have no clues. Similar to Nostradamus Enigmas these missions have hard riddles that hint at where you can find the next step of the mission until you complete it. Reward for completing all Suger Legacy missions is Eagle of Suger, One handed sword that is arguably the best sword in the game.

Eagle of Suger

Without any upgrades Eagle is similar to the weapon you get as reward for finishing the main story in the original game. Main difference is that Eagle of Suger also has a special property of having a chance to blind nearby enemies with a light flash effect. This makes it a great weapon when fighting large groups of enemies because they will stay stunned as you dispose of them one by one. Upgrading the Eagle costs 10000 Creed points and increases both damage and chance of the blinding effect happening (as well as its range). This is why we thought it would be worth the trouble of doing all Suger’s Legacy Missions and solving all their riddles. Some of these were hard to solve and we decided to create guides for each and every one of them, to make your lives easier. We included screenshots of solution locations and explanations on how we discovered them in these guides. Bellow is a list of all guides:

  1. Nativitatis Et Mortis
  2. Morbum
  3. Diabolus (done as part of main story mission 3)
  4. Natura
  5. Crux (done as part of main story mission 3)
  6. Noctis
  7. Dies

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  1. K

    thank you for all your work on this-you’re who I turn to for these solutions

  2. C

    Thanks, man. This really helped.

  3. P

    Great work mate…..

  4. S
    Splinters city

    Thanks for the second clue in the first of sugers missions. I was totally stumped.

  5. M

    i got the sword thanks to your guides . the problem is I CANNOT EQUIP IT … its such a shame
    idk why i cant equip eagle of suger sword

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      Have you finished the quest completely. Once you do them all you have to interact with the sward back at the cathedral and it should be now unlocked in your character’s inventory.

      1. C
        Chris Jones

        Is that what the “Finis” Mission is? I’m assuming that’s french for “Final” or something, which I’m guessing is the last part of this Quest line. There was nothing in your guide about it, so I’m assuming it’s not a riddle. BUT This guide did me wonders. Thank you so much!

        1. T

          It does mean final, but like every riddle in the game the name is in ancient Latin 😉

  6. Z

    Great guide. This site is extremely helpful for AC: Unity !

  7. T

    AWESOME job!!! Thank you!!!!!

  8. A
    Arno victor Dorian

    Here is what I don’t get, if this is the best weapon (which it is) then why doesn’t anyone use it?

    1. G

      Because most people don’t know about it and if they do they don’t bother to get it. That’s what makes it special

  9. A
    Anthony Davis

    Your the best

  10. It’s because the glowing sword is equal an looks cooler

    1. J

      The glowing sword isn’t better, it’s worse because this one stuns the bad guys too.

  11. E

    thnx bro.really helpful

  12. W

    Damn, thank you! I really hate riddles so this helped me out at times throughout the game 🙂 & 1st site to pop up when I searched for help, awesome job man! Meegwetch ^_^

  13. L

    You’re the “Go-to Guy”, without a doubt, for ACU. Thx for your attention to detail.

  14. K

    I decided to replay Unity for the heck of it. Thanks for the Guides, they really helped.

  15. A
    Assassin from the Brotherhood

    Thanks to you, I now finished all the main missions (because with help from you, I obtained the Eagle of Suger) Thank you so much!!!!! Whenever I need help for a Nostradamus Riddle, I always turn to you. My most sincere thanks 😀

  16. A

    Thank you for the information. I should have looked for your guide sooner. My dumb a** only collects 3 coins and skipped to end only to be stuck underground with no key to get out of the door. Had to go back and complete the other enigmas. (SMH)

  17. M

    Thanks for all your help.

  18. I
    Israel Delarosa

    Thanks for all that help
    It worked perfectly

  19. C

    Thanks for the guide. But I finished all of them and still didn’t get the sword, any idea why?

  20. E

    Thanx bro… Thanks to you i solved all riddles…
    I have one problem in dead kings DLC which is i can’t interact with one of the riddles wich is in the base of the windmill. and yes it’s the first one and i restart the game but still not working… Another question, where is basilica library located? I can’t seem to know where it is

  21. R
    Rochelle Kaisin

    Thank you so much! You made my life heaps easier. Lol. I usually can’t figure these out and end up leaving them so this was brilliant. ?

  22. V
    Vick O.

    You guys are still the best and helping us out today. I was stuck for 3 hours I finally gave up and found your guide. Thanks for being so kick ass!

    1. Good to see that people are still enjoying solving the riddles. This was the best part of the game for me 😀 .

  23. T
    Taylor S.

    I literally followed your guide for every single step in every single Nostradamus riddles and got Thomas de Carnellion’s suit!!
    Thank you so much!!

  24. D

    Thanks! Following the guide was easy, mostly, even time consuming (if you want a good laugh): I can’t imagine the time it took solving all those riddles – thanks again for doing all the work and making it easier for us lazy-ass-assins.

  25. V

    Can’t do most as it won’t let me interact with the symbols

  26. A

    I completed them all, but i dont have the Eagle of Suger. Help me please?

  27. F

    100%in this game almost 8 years after release and your guides for the whole game (along with buying the official book guide) have made it really simple. Thanks

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