How big will Destiny be?

The latest interview with DeeJ, Bungie’s Community manager, unveils some interesting information about beta testing period where participated more than 4.6 million players, which made Destiny the most simultaneously played game in company’s history.

The answer to the question How big Destiny world will be? can give you a fact that even the Old Russia map, that we were able to explore during the beta, will be much bigger.
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After the first map, your character will be sent on Moon, then Venus, Mars… Destiny is the biggest game that Bungie studio has ever created, and the more you play the story missions and explore, the more areas will open up to you.

In the first DLC expansion, scheduled for December, the game will evolve in all directions. It will bring out new stories, new weapons and gear, fights in new spaces, new ways to enjoy cooperative events with your friends, and much more.
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