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destiny tips Before you jump into the world of Destiny and start fighting for survival in Story Missions and Crucible matches, we prepared a comprehensive list of things you should know beforehand. The aim of these tips is to help you find general and advanced answers about gearing, weapons, pvping, leveling and much more.
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General tips

  • During the character creation choose whatever race you like. The differences between races are entirely cosmetic, with no hidden additional bonuses related to any race.
  • The races have the same four emotes Wave, Point, Sit and Dance, but each race performs Dance and Wave emotes differently.
  • The second subclass unlocks at level 15.
  • When you get to rank 15 on any of your characters, you unlock the subclass for all future characters immediately (thanks Sir_Pillows)
  • Collecting all Golden chests on planet Earth awards you with a brand new Sparrow.
  • You can deposit your items in Tower’s Vaults and share them between your characters.
  • At the beginning your character doesn’t have access to special attacks, double jumping or grenades.
  • You don’t sell items in shops, you disassemble them in your inventory. During this process you’ll receive some materials and Glimmer currency.
  • There is no penalty if you die during a fight. Even your super ability timer is not affected.
  • You can interact with players if you target them and click the right stick. It will open a menu where you can invite players to Fireteam, Inspect Player, View Profile or Report Player.
  • Your Fireteam privacy settings can be changed under the Roster Tab in pause menu.
  • Press triangle on PlayStation or Y on Xbox to access upgrade submenu.
  • Participating in public events will give you great rewards and vanguard reputation
  • If you loot Encrypted Engram gear item, take it to the Cryptarch at the Tower to decode it. You can also save a few Engrams and decode them while leveling.
  • Open your inventory and learn how to compare and quickly equip new gear
  • Look for coral-metallic plants Spin Metal, while exploring. You can trade them for reputation points or upgraded kits in the Tower.
  • Completing exploration missions rewards you with Vanguard Marks, that can be used for buying Vanguard gear
  • The easiest way to get into cover is by hitting crouch button (O/B) while running to do a slide (list of Destiny Controls on PS4, XboX, PS Vita and Alternate Control Schemes
  • When crouching in cover behind an object, holding down the Aim-down-sights button will allow you to quickly peek over the object and fire from cover. Releasing the button will place you safely back behind cover.
  • Once you hit level 6 you’ll unlock Bounties, challenges that can be bought from Bounty Vendor in Tower. You can choose between Crucible or World challenges, with Crucible Reputation or Vanguard Reputation rewards respectively, depending on which type of Bounty you completed.
  • Do equip gear that you want to level when turning in bounties. The XP also applies to items allowing you to rapidly gain their special abilities.
  • Strikes are missions for 3 players, with much harder enemies and bosses.
  • If you kill your enemy with your super ability, your teammates can collect “Orbs of light” and recharge their super abilities faster.
  • You can jump off the Tower’s balcony (and die), but you can also be pushed off!
  • Use your vehicles to move quickly around the map.
  • Use Redemption Codes to unlock 25 different Emblems, Shaders and Destiny Grimoire Card for your collection
  • After reviving a Dead Ghost you’ll acquire a new Grimoire Card and +5 Grimoire Points.
  • Destiny’s base level cap is 20, but you can increase your Light level and reach level 30.


  • Tapping the weapon swap button (Triangle/Y) allows you to switch Primary and Special weapons.
  • Switching to Heavy weapons occurs when you hold down the swap button.
  • When you have your heavy weapon equipped and you tap the change weapon button you will then equip your primary weapon, regardless of whether you had your primary or special weapon equipped previously. To switch from your heavy weapon straight to your special, double tap the change weapon button.
  • Don’t rely only on one weapon. Combine your guns, grenades and melee attacks for the best fighting strategy.
  • When you start a Crucible match you only have ammo for your primary weapon and a few shots with your special weapon, so keep an eye out for Ammo Creates.
  • The announcer gives a 10 second warning before heavy ammo crate drops. Look for a purple icon, try to grab it, and gain a huge advantage over the competition.
  • Grenades are limitless but you have to wait for them 1 minute to respawn. You can reduce this timer through weapon/armor upgrades, certain skills, and increasing your discipline stat.
  • Special (green) and Heavy (purple) Ammo Creates can be shared between nearby teammates.
  • During the weekends visit Strange Coins vendor

Achievement / Trophy Tips

  • There are 41 confirmed Achievements (Trophies) in Destiny.
  • Bane of the Emperor Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in 1 mission without dying.
    Don’t try to complete this achievement before obtaining Superior Sniper Rifle.
  • Hunter Killer – Kill 100 Hunters in PvP
    Hunters are very fast, but they are not faster than a rocket. Collect heavy ammo and use a Rocket Launcher to kill them.
  • Blink of an Eye Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds
    Find a group of enemies and use explosive attack.
  • Inspector – Inspect another player
    Target a player and press the right stick. It will open up a menu where you can Inspect Player.
  • Dragon Slayer – Kill a champion of the Dark
    Defeat Riksis during the Restoration mission on Earth


  • You can access Crucibles in Orbit, by selecting “choose destination” then mouse over Crucible
  • Before you rush into the first Crucible match visit the Tower and collect bounty quests. Their objectives can be completed during your PvP matches.
  • You get Crucible Marks for completing Crucible matches, that can be used for buying Crucible gear.
  • In the upper left corner members of your Fireteam appear as green dots, enemies as red dots. When a red dot starts flashing it means that an enemy is within 6 meters.
  • If a player dies with Heavy ammo, he drops it for the killer.
  • Control Crucible matches last 10 minutes or until the first team reaches 20,000 points.
  • Killing with a headshot, super ability, heavy weapons, or vehicle will add additional points for each kill.
  • Don’t forget to use your Supers, they are devastating in Crucible.
  • The Super ability timer can be sped up by helping your team: Kills, Assists, and neutralizing and capturing Control points all speed up your timer.
  • Each Zone your team holds gives your team an additional 50 points per kill. Two zones held gives a bonus 100 points per kill, and holding all 3 zones gives 200 points per kill.
  • The standard Control Crucible playlists disable level advantages between players to ensure a fair fight.
  • In Iron Banner, a timed playlist, players can test out their best guns and gear.
  • Hop on a Pike and use it as a powerful weapon.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of your vehicle.


  • Comprehensive Destiny Vault of Glass Raid Guide »
  • You’ll not get any objectives or waypoints for raids, you have to figure everything out for yourself.
  • For the majority of Raid encounters, you’re going to need to work as a group
  • Raids have two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. Upon completing a Raid on Normal, players can attempt the Hard-mode version of the Raid.
  • Normal mode is about learning the mechanics, working together as a team and building strategies to overcome the encounters.
  • Hard-mode encounters leverage an even harsher death penalty than the Normal modes.
  • Your progress through the Raid is reset each Tuesday at the Weekly Reset, thus, you don’t need to complete all Raid activities in one-go.
  • You will be able to run the raid as many times as you want per week on the same character, but you can only receive loot once per week per character.
  • Each of Destiny’s nine weapon types has a Legendary version that has been created specifically for the Raid, and each class has an entire set of gear to chase across the two Raid difficulties
  • The loot you get is private to you.
  • The Vault of Glass can be broken into beginning on September 16th, assuming you’ve achieved level 25.



  1. J

    Hey, me and my brother have been playing destiny for two days straight together and we started noticing that he wasnt picking up as much of weapon bluprints as i was. our hunch is that because im the leader of the fireteam i have a better chance of picking up uncommon guns. When he plays on his own he claims he gets a normal rate of bluprint pickups but not when we play. Is it because im leader? my weapons is an auto rifle with a 74 attack and he still can get higher than 40. Were both level 9 hes a titan amd im a warlock any info on this well be grateful

    1. X

      I have noticed this when playing with other people, but it is because you are killing them, your level influences item drops. You with a stronger weapon get the kills so therefore have a higher chance to get the item, let him clear out an area on his own and he should see an increase in items.

      1. R

        Yep. That’s probably what it is. Every time you kill something there is a chance an engram will drop. So the more kills you get the more chance you have to get engrams.

  2. T

    Got a question if anyone has time. My buddy is level 22 and we have been at the cave for days getting the engram drops. Not once yet has he seen a purple legendary engram drop and he still has not got one piece of legendary gear. I am wondering if switching his subclass would help as he has yet to switch his subclass because he wanted to finish his main class first. Sounds far fetched but its the only thing I can think of. Any ideas?

    1. T

      I forgot to mention I am level 25 if that would matter any.

      1. O

        You just need to keep plugging away, lone wolf style mate. Just party up through PSN so you can still chat. Just need to stay together when you do the run out to the cave from landfall on Earth – or Fireteam to the point, then disband. I only farmed for about an hour this morning and got a legendary Titan Mark, so it does happen!

    2. P

      It’s all luck really, Destiny uses a random number generator to determine if loot is dropped and if it is, what rarity it will be. Though I have heard that not being in a fireteam or being fireteam leader does make things drop more but I really haven’t noticed a difference between the two. Also right now just do the Queens bounties and then go do her kill request missions and you should easily get some purple gear. Happy hunting!

  3. M

    I use a XBOX 360 for Destiny. My problem is:
    “Where is the “USE” button for Weapon Inventory items to use on Your Charactor Weapon Detail upgrades in Destiny?”
    Materials are used to upgrade your weapons and armor.
    You can get most of them by dismantling equipment you don’t need anymore. End game currency also goes in these slots. You can also get items at the Tower Gunsmith. I already have all weapon parts, Glimmer, etc.. to use the “Y” button for each weapon type, Where is the “USE” button on the controller to use my inventory to fill in each weapons circles of upgrades when you use the “Y” button for the weapons upgrades?

    Thanks for your help, and I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

    1. S

      I think i might understand. If you are asking how to upgrade your weapons/armour when you have all the required items (Helium coils etc). Your problem is most likely that you have not used the gun/armour in battle before and so it has no experience. What you need to do is use the gun in battle and when you are submitting bounties make sure you have it equipped. You will see a blue experience bar going around some of the upgrades. When that fills up you can then press A on the upgrade to ”Use”/purchase it.

      Hope this helps!

  4. N

    How do you get strange cloth? What is the fastest way?

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