Destiny King's Fall Raid access & additional information

The Fallen King is the latest Destiny update that brings new stories, new gear and weapons and long awaited new Raid. The King’s Fall Raid goes live on Friday, September 18th at 10AM PT.
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Since no one at Bungie is going to reveal anything about the raid ahead of time, the only information that we found so far are the following:

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  • According to Luke Smith, Destiny’s game designer, King’s Fall Raid access is not gated by ANY quest (no attunement). Hit 40, gear up, group up and when the activity is turned on, go nuts!
  • The recommend Light Level for King’s Fall, the new raid, is 280.
  • The last step of “The Taken War” (The Road To King’s Fall) quest-line is finished by killing targets within the raid (source reddit)
  • You’ll have to kill 3 bosses in the Raid: Slay the Warpriest, Slay Golgoroth, Slay Oryx the Taken KingDestiny King's Fall
  • Destiny: The Taken King – King’s Fall Raid Teaser is just released
  • Take a look at our tips to level up Light and prepare for King’s Fall raid