Destiny Legendary Engram Farming location in a cave with tips

UPDATE: 26th September: We have a brand new cave location for you on the planet Earth still farmable after the hotfix! – New Legendary Engrams Farming Cave Location on the Earth

UPDATE: 25th September: With the latest Destiny HotFix, this cave has very slow creature respawn of approximately 40 seconds, and we can’t recommend it as a good farming location anymore!

On the Planet Earth head to SkyWatch where you’ll find a small cave entrance.
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Unlike any other farming spot, creatures at this location will not start spawning if you are too close to the entrance, or if you don’t kill all enemies above the entrance first. They keep spawning inside the cave as long as you keep the distance. If you’re not far enough away only Acolytes will spawn, but Thralls will not.

When someone enters the cave the creatures will stop spawning, thus, don’t run into the cave often. On the other hand, if there is a person who intentionally disrupts spawning process, leave the area, then return and hopefully you will be in a new instance without a troll. If this doesn’t work leave Earth and return.

At this location a Public Event will often take place right where people are standing while farming. When the sky goes dark Public event will start, and you should just move away.

General Farming Tips

  1. Ammo for your primary weapon will regenerate. Just switch to your secondary or heavy and wait 30-60 seconds and your main ammo will go back to full. (/u/AudiM)
  2. Everyone can get loot on any enemy death in range, it does not matter if you killed or even damaged the enemy. (/u/AudiM)
  3. Stop running into loot every 3 minutes ! (/u/sublime81) Expanding on this a bit. If you get disconnected all your blues and purples, everything that matters, will be sent to the Post Master as lost items. You running in every time you get a rare drop is just a waste of time for you and everyone.
  4. A little note, if you can find a rifle with explosive rounds and it picks up ammo that you shoot, you will never have to go into the cave. The explosion picks up ammo for you and you will get ammo faster than you can use it. I have a scout rifle like this and it is amazing. (/u/Random_Letter_Name)
  5. Don’t strafe while farming. You don’t need to move, moving actually just puts you in the way of the other people helping you farm thus effectively slowing you down. Which is bad… For you and everyone else. Just stop… Please… (/u/MyFriendsShantKnow)
  6. Auto Rifles are next to worthless at that range. (/u/Eklypze) Grab a scout rifle or a pulse rifle at worst folks you will enjoy it more.
  7. The cave can bug sometimes as well, preventing you from getting drops. If ammo doesn’t spawn after a wave or two, you need to disconnect and reconnect. (/u/Pressingissues)
  8. A chest and spinmetal spawns in the seeder to the left. Go and gather that stuff every couple of waves. Its worth your time. (/u/Pressingissues)
  9. If you want some extra glimmer while farming try activating a black wax idol it can really up your glimmer income! (/u/IamJacksOff)
We would like to thank reddit community members for some great tips.