New Destiny Legendary Engrams Farming Cave after hot fix

With the latest Hot Fix no. 5 on September 25th, respawn timers for monster caves in Skywatch, Forgotten Shore, Ember Caves, Shattered Coast and Barrens have been increased to 40 seconds, but we have a brand new farming spot for you.
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Go to Patrol Cosmodrome on the Planet Earth. New farming cave is located in the second part of the Rocketyard. The path that leads to the cave is little complicated, thus, follow instructions in the video. When you reach huge trucks kill all the enemies around, that will trigger new Acolyte and Knights creatures to spawn inside the cave with a delay of 10 seconds. You can position yourself at the top of the truck or jump onto the platform left of the truck, where is much better spot to see the cave entrance.



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    i just want to thank you for your work

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    bns x umad bro

    hey I found a better location then anything else I see out there but I don’t got a way to share. it’s up close and personal so no need for scout rifles, it’s a 6 second spawn, and you could farm from level 1 if you wanted to. I play on Xbox 360 gmer tag is some weird shit… bns x umad bro … add me and message me, ill be posting this on a few other sites so if you plan to make a video message me first.

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